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Experience the Nourishing Flavors of Amazonian Superherbs and Teas

The Amazon jungle is a harsh environment, with high heat, humidity, bacteria, fungus, mold and untold numbers of parasites. But, like many ecosystems on Earth, nature provides solutions for dealing with such adversaries. The bark and leaves of certain Amazonian plants provide a variety of properties perfectly suited to assist those living in harsh conditions, whether they be sweltering rainforests or the stress and pollution-filled cities of modern life.We’ve sourced some of the most incredible herbs the Amazon has to offer, each with their own unique attributes, in a convenient tea-cut form. This allows you to tap into the power of these incredible plants by making a simple tea in the comfort of your own kitchen, at the office or wherever you find yourself at tea time.

Chanca Piedra

1266 - Chanca Piedra, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100 grams
Chanca Piedra, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100 grams

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Its name means “stone breaker” which is likely related to its unique ability to help the body break up calcium phosphate crystals (bad calcium). This superherb also supports gall bladder and kidney health and has been used to treat malaria symptoms, fever, flu and digestive problems.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is probably the most revered medicinal herb in all of the South American Amazonian rainforest. The alkaloids found in cat’s claw have been documented to nutritionally support the immune system in a variety of ways. Cat’s Claw has often been noted for its impressive anti-viral capacity, as well as its ability to bring balance to an overstressed immune system. 0890 - Cat's Claw, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100 grams
Cat’s Claw, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted,
100 grams

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1919 - Manayupa, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100g
Manayupa, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100g

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Manayupa can be used to help detoxify your body as a natural blood cleanser. It has also been known to have anti-inflammatory qualities that benefit your respiratory tract and skin. Manayupa has also been found to have diuretic qualities which help prevent constipation and promote good urinary tract health.

Pau d’Arco

Pau d’Arco (sometimes called lapacho or taheebo) is the inner bark of a majestic flowering Amazonian tree. Due to its traditional use as an anti-fungal remedy, Pau d’Arco may be helpful for those seeking to cleanse themselves of Candida. Pau d’Arco bark contains intrinsic chemical factors that fight fungus and mold, even in some of the wettest environments on Earth. 0891 - Pau d'Arco, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100 grams
Pau d’Arco, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted,
100 grams

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1918 - Hercampuri, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100g
Hercampuri, Tea-Cut, Wildcrafted, 100g

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Hercampuri can help detoxify your liver and control cholesterol in your body. It can also accelerate your body’s metabolism and stimulate bile production, which will help your body metabolize fat faster. These benefits can help your body shed excess fat. Grown in Peru, this powerful herbal tea can also help with blood circulation and has been used as a liver detoxifier.


Guayusa’s health benefits rival those of other teas, but contains about 50% more antioxidants. It consists of a special blend of caffeine, theobromine, and theophyline which makes a great alternative to coffee. Cultivated in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, organic traditional Guayusa (why-you-sah) is similar to yerba mate but without the bitter taste. It is an excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids that can provide you with the mental and physical energy you need throughout the day. 1937 - Guayusa - Traditional, 8 oz., Organic loose leaf
Guayusa – Traditional, 8 oz., Organic
loose leaf

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Tea Accessories

1825 - Tea Bag/Filter, #4, 100/box, T-Sac
Tea Bag/Filter, #4, 100/box, T-Sac

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1826 - Tea Filter, Small, Multi-use, T-Sac re-usable
Tea Filter, Small, Multi-use, T-Sac

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