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Health Remedies

Nature’s Most Unique Sweet & Smoky Ancestral Food

Sunfood Mesquite Powder

A highly revered superfood in ancestral cultures, Mesquite Powder boasts an impressive variety of proteins, heart healthy fiber, immune boosting vitamins and essential minerals. Continue reading

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Miracle Story: How Sunfood President Found Relief for His Carpal Tunnel

Robert DeuPree throwing his wrist brace away  Check out this amazing healing story from Sunfood’s President and Top Superfood Dude, Robert DeuPree, who found a solution for his carpal tunnel using our Old Fashioned Peppermint Liniment! Continue reading

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How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Sunfood Red Maca Powder, Natural Solution for Hormone BalanceAre Your Hormones Controlling You? Whether you’re a man or a woman, the answer is yes! Hormones are chemical messengers that tell our cells what to do, from energy levels and reproductive functions to metabolism and mood. Continue reading

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Super You: The Benefits of Magnesium

Super You - Healthy Living & Well-Being Newsletter from SunfoodHow much do you know about Magnesium? This mineral can have a huge impact on your health and wellness. Read more to find out! Continue reading

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Top 2 Easiest Ways to Detox

Print PDF You can’t escape heavy metals and toxins,but you can protect yourself. Zeolites are a group of volcanic minerals with a cage-like molecular structure that may help to trap heavy metals like mercury and lead so that your body … Continue reading

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A Natural Approach to Combat ADHD

Print PDFSara Vance, a Clinical Nutritionist with Rebalance Life, was recently on Fox 5 San Diego to discuss five natural supplements that can help combat ADHD in children and teenagers. She talks specifically about how Sunfood Cacao Powder can have … Continue reading

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Goji Berries – The Superfood Fountain of Youth!

Print PDF A Powerful and Delicious Little Berry! Did you know that goji berries are said to stimulate your body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)? HGH promotes cellular growth and levels of this protein hormone naturally decrease with … Continue reading

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The Many Benefits of Omega 3s

Print PDF   In the last few years, omega 3 fatty acids have gotten a lot of press for their variety of amazing health benefits. Health advocates have long promoted fish (salmon, sardines and mackerel) or fish oil as a … Continue reading

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Chaparral: Powerful Antioxidant

Print PDF  The desert is a harsh environment; dry, barren, and hot. Over the ages plants living in these conditions have made incredible adaptations allowing them to not just survive, but thrive in desert climates. Sometimes a result of these … Continue reading

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Depressed? Anxious? No Energy? Magnesium Oil Can Help Restore Your Spark for Life!

Print PDF   Are you among the millions of Americans who drink coffee, caffeinated tea or soda daily? Are you lacking in energy? What you might not know is that white flour, sugar, and caffeine can actually strip our body … Continue reading

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Antioxidants: Protect Yourself From Free Radical Damage!

Print PDF Where are you getting your antioxidants?Anyone interested in natural foods these days has almost certainly run across the word “antioxidants”. You have no doubt been hearing that antioxidants are good for you and that you should be getting … Continue reading

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Milk Thistle, Liver Health and Detoxification

Print PDF  Modern living can surround us with pollution, especially those of us living in cities. Pollution can be in the air, in our water, and if we’re not careful, in our food. When harmful substances from pollution end up … Continue reading

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Understanding Inflammation: Causes and Consequences

Print PDF Inflammation is often thought of as merely a natural response to injury, such as the swelling of a sprained ankle. However, it’s important to understand that inflammation can be caused by a variety of conditions, and that prolonged … Continue reading

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Mesquite: Natural Blood Sugar Balance

Print PDF   Blood sugar balance has become a big issue. It is estimated that over 25 million adults and children in the U.S. have diabetes. That’s over 8% of the population! Another 79 million people have blood sugar sensitivities … Continue reading

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Sacred Tree of the Mapuche: The Maqui Berry

Print PDF  Maqui Berry is a wild-grown superfruit from the pristine Patagonia region of Southern Chile. There, the Mapuche Indians have been consuming maqui for centuries to help boost strength and stamina. Maqui has one of the highest antioxidant values … Continue reading

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Resveratrol Rich Black Mulberries

Print PDF   Mulberries are one of the most delicious dried fruits on Earth. Some describe them as “Nature’s Candy” and we would have to agree. But besides being delicious, mulberries have some incredible health benefits. Mulberries contain plentiful amounts … Continue reading

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Camu Camu: One of Nature’s Richest Sources of Vitamin C

Print PDF In our article on MSM, we mentioned that it works very well with vitamin C. This is because MSM and vitamin C work synergistically to enhance each other’s benefits. Vitamin C is a powerful tool for health and … Continue reading

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Skin Care Products So Pure You can Eat Them

Print PDF   We are avid ingredient readers, and we hope you are too. We know that anything you put on your skin can be absorbed into your tissues and even into your blood stream. A 2010 study by a … Continue reading

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Kalahari Desert Crystal Salt

Print PDF   Salt is an essential part of life.In fact, life is not possible without salt. Our bodies mostly consist of a mixture of water and salt. In fact, our blood has about the same percentage of salt as … Continue reading

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Top Superfoods for Thyroid Health

Print PDF by Dr. Ariel Policano One of the best things you can do for your thyroid is to give it the nutrition it needs. The most important nutrients for good thyroid health are iodine, vitamin A, zinc, tyrosine, and … Continue reading

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