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Digestive Health

If There’s One Thing You Can’t Live Without, This Is It

Ever eat a big meal and get that feeling like you need to loosen your belt a notch? Your stomach bloats, you feel heavy and sluggish, and you realize that a nap is in order. That’s when your body gets to work producing the enzymes that your body needs to process your big meal. Continue reading

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Top 3 Superfood Secrets to Weight Loss

Now that the holiday feasting has come to a close, let’s talk about the topic gripping so many minds at the turn of a new year – weight loss. Before you take up the latest diet craze to embark on your New Year’s resolution, check out these superfoods that have the potential to help you shed those holiday pounds—and we’ve got the science to prove it! Continue reading

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Alkalize and Detoxify with 30+ Superfoods in One bag!

So Many Superfoods, So Little Time… With hundreds of superfoods to choose from, it can feel overwhelming at times. Until now. There is one superfood that is a must-have around here. Continue reading

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