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Mental Clarity

One Little Nut to Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol & Make a Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Did you know that almonds have been found to actually facilitate weight loss? That’s right, healthy plants fats aren’t typically the weight gain culprits; it’s processed sugars and starches that tend to pack on the pounds and lead to health problems. Continue reading

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Miracle Story: This Simple Superfood is Changing Lives

How a Simple Superfood is Drastically Improving Lives. Take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of a 74 year-old suffering with Parkinson’s Disease: you’re constantly stiff, slow, and unsteady; your left leg drags when you walk; you’ve lost all facial expression; you suffer severe back pain; you need help to simply get out of a chair; and various prescription drugs offer no relief. Continue reading

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Want to Boost Your IQ, Mental Clarity & Attitude?

Boost Your IQ, Mental Clarity, and AttitudeWant to Boost Your IQ, Mental Clarity & Attitude? What if we told you that certain foods and supplements could actually increase your IQ and help your brain function more optimally? It’s true! And we’ve got the studies to prove it. Continue reading

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One Little Nut to Lose Weight, Boost Memory and Lower Cholesterol

Raw Almonds facilitate weight loss, boost memory, reduce bad cholesterol and decrease blood sugar & body fat   Studies have shown that almonds can boost memory, as well as reduce blood sugar levels, LDL (bad) cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Not bad for a nut! Continue reading

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