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Superfood Articles

Miracle Story: How Sunfood President Found Relief for His Carpal Tunnel

Robert DeuPree throwing his wrist brace away  Check out this amazing healing story from Sunfood’s President and Top Superfood Dude, Robert DeuPree, who found a solution for his carpal tunnel using our Old Fashioned Peppermint Liniment! Continue reading

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Our #1 superfood got a makeover and a Massive Price Cut!

Print PDF Less expensive, better looking, and easier to tote! We’re now packaging our #1 green superfood in beautiful, lightweight 8oz and 1lb bags. Our former packaging was $59.95 for 10oz, and now you can get 1lb for the same … Continue reading

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A Natural Approach to Combat ADHD

Print PDFSara Vance, a Clinical Nutritionist with Rebalance Life, was recently on Fox 5 San Diego to discuss five natural supplements that can help combat ADHD in children and teenagers. She talks specifically about how Sunfood Cacao Powder can have … Continue reading

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Goji Berries – The Superfood Fountain of Youth!

Print PDF A Powerful and Delicious Little Berry! Did you know that goji berries are said to stimulate your body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)? HGH promotes cellular growth and levels of this protein hormone naturally decrease with … Continue reading

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Orange Goji Delight Smoothie

Print PDF Orange Goji Delight 16 oz fresh squeezed organic orange juice¼ cup goji berries¼ cup fresh or frozen fruit Simply pour orange juice into blender and blend in gojis and fruit of your choice to desired smoothness.

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Goji Aloe Reishi Longevity Lemonade

Print PDF This recipe is a delicious way to that could improve your adrenal health. It can give you an immediate boost of energy! What’s more, this recipe is easy to adapt and improvise. Try with different types of fresh … Continue reading

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Citrus Spring Salad Dressing

Print PDF A dressing with a citrus kick! Try it with your preferred greens & a handful of Kalamata olives 2-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/2 tsp of black pepper 2 tsp Kalahari Desert or Himalayan Pink Salt1/2 cup organic olive oil1 cup … Continue reading

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Mouth Watering Mangosteen Fruit

Print PDF In our travels we have had the opportunity to taste some incredible foods, but one fruit that was absolutely unforgettable was mangosteen. The flavor was astonishing, an incredible blend of ripe peach, strawberry, pineapple and banana with tangy … Continue reading

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Chocolate for Strong Bones? Yes, It’s True!

Print PDF   Yes, chocolate is actually a health food, but we’re not talking about sugary candy bars here. To get the true health benefits of chocolate you want the dark, unadulterated, Food of the Gods: Theobroma Cacao.  Cacao is … Continue reading

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What Delicious, Fatty Food Helps You Lose Weight?

Print PDF   Many people find it hard to believe that a fatty food could be so good for you, but coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils on the planet. It consists of 90+% raw saturated fat; a … Continue reading

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Boost Immunity and Detoxify with Chlorella!

Print PDF   Did you know that the “common cold” results in more than 38 million doctor visits annually in the US? However, studies show that when your immune system is strong and vital, the viruses that can cause colds … Continue reading

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Five Post-Holiday Detox Tips

Print PDF   We’ve all been there – that feeling of post-holiday over-indulgence. Most of us tend to go a little overboard during the holidays. Late nights and running from place to place can take its toll. Not to mention … Continue reading

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Maca Extreme: Taking the Power of Maca to the Next Level

Print PDF   As you may already know, maca is one of our most popular and beloved superfoods. Maca is a root vegetable grown high in the Peruvian Andes that was sacred to the Incas and has been used as … Continue reading

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Delicious Black and Green Olive Tapenade

Print PDF Imagine our incredible, ripe Peruvian olives crushed and blended with the finest organic olive oil, herbs and a pinch of sea salt. That is exactly how our Organic Peruvian Olive Tapenades are created. These savory, classic creations are … Continue reading

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Shredded Coconut: A Superfood Kitchen Essential

Print PDF   Palm trees are one of the most ancient plants on Earth and have been around since pre-historic times. The date palm, saw palmetto and the coconut palm are examples of palm trees that have been used for … Continue reading

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The Many Benefits of Omega 3s

Print PDF   In the last few years, omega 3 fatty acids have gotten a lot of press for their variety of amazing health benefits. Health advocates have long promoted fish (salmon, sardines and mackerel) or fish oil as a … Continue reading

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Golden Incan Berries: How They Benefit Peru’s Communities and Economy

Print PDF   Imagine yourself a present-day farmer high in the Peruvian Andes Mountains, with crisp, clean air surrounding you. From your vista you can see in all directions for what seems like forever – no high rises, freeways, or … Continue reading

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Gum Joy Oil: The Perfect Alternative to So-Called ‘Natural’ Toothpastes

Print PDF It’s good to be an ingredient reader, but it can get downright depressing reading the ingredients in so-called “natural” toothpastes. Even the most expensive “natural” toothpastes often contain less-than-ideal ingredients like sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and chemical … Continue reading

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Is Someone Cooking Your “Raw” Cashews and Not Telling You?

Print PDF Did you know that most cashews that say they are “raw” are not really raw at all?? Cashews are typically extracted using steam or high heat because the kernel is surrounded by a sticky resin. How do people get … Continue reading

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Chaparral: Powerful Antioxidant

Print PDF  The desert is a harsh environment; dry, barren, and hot. Over the ages plants living in these conditions have made incredible adaptations allowing them to not just survive, but thrive in desert climates. Sometimes a result of these … Continue reading

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