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Kalahari Desert Crystal Salt

Introducing Kalahari Desert Crystal Salt


Salt is an essential part of life.In fact, life is not possible without salt. Our bodies mostly consist of a mixture of water and salt. In fact, our blood has about the same percentage of salt as the ocean.Many of our body’s most simple actions require salt. For example, the act of thinking requires the elements potassium and sodium from salt. Without salt, not even a single thought is possible.

Salt is also the basis for everything from triggering the production of saliva and digestive juices to maintaining the electrolyte balance inside and outside our cells. But we don’t want to get this essential element from just anywhere. Salt has become big, big business and the quality has suffered to a dangerous extreme.

Kalahari Salt Crystals

Whole Salt vs Table Salt

For being such an essential part of life, salt has gained quite a bad reputation. But this is because, like so many other foods, modern day salt has become a highly-refined industrial commodity, massively altered from its original, health-giving state.

Salt has gone from a sacred substance, full of minerals and trace elements and called the “white gold of the Earth”, to a mass produced, fine white, poisonous powder now called “table salt” or NaCl, pure sodium chloride. In fact the vast majority (93%) of salt produced today is for industrial purposes, like making laundry detergents or plastics, which require pure sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is an aggressive substance that is very difficult for our bodies to deal with and causes our organs to work overtime, which in the long run can lead to many different types of disease.

Kalahari Desert Salt is much more than just sodium chloride. Kalahari salt contains vital minerals and trace elements, and is especially high in potassium, magnesium and sulfur.

Kalahari Desert Salt

See the full mineral analysis of Kalahari Desert Salt.

Treasure of the Kalahari

Kalahari salt is harvested deep in Africa in an area that has never been inhabited or used for industry. In the pristine Kalahari Desert of South Africa, three underground streams converge on a layer of pure salt deposits untouched by man.

The pure water dissolves the salt and creates a brine solution that is then gently dried by the desert Sun. What remains are the pure, mineral rich crystals of Kalahari Desert Salt.

Kalahari Desert Salt Crystals


How to Use

Use Kalahari Desert salt in place of table salt and in all of your recipes. You will undoubtedly notice that Kalahari salt tastes far better than other salts. In fact, Kalahari salt has won many flavor awards, the most recent being the Superior Taste Award 2010 from the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels.

Kalahari salt can also be used to make many home remedies such as eye wash and sinus flush, skin scrubs, masks and much more.

Kalahari Desert Salt Landscape


Pure Sunfood Kalahari Desert Salt


2128 - Salt, Kalahari Desert, FINE Ground, 16oz/1lb
Salt, Kalahari Desert, FINE Ground, 16oz/1lb

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2127 - Salt, Kalahari Desert, COARSE Ground, 16oz/1lb
Salt, Kalahari Desert, COARSE Ground, 16oz/1lb

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