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Supercharge Your Immune System with Aloe Vera

Our bodies have an amazing mechanism to defend against sickness, and it’s called the immune system. The immune system is a collection of biological responses that defend us from threats against the body. Its job is to identify and deal with any sort of foreign invader such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., anything that might harm our body’s cells and tissues.

The immune system includes our bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, adenoids and appendix. When our immune system is suppressed, infection can occur. This could include anything from simple colds and viruses all the way to full blown auto-immune diseases, inflammatory diseases and even cancer.

Research has indicated, however, that if you have a very healthy and high-functioning immune system, you are far less likely to get sick or to have viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc., take hold.So, what can you do to take charge?

In addition to getting adequate sleep and minimizing stress, nature has also provided incredible superfoods like aloe vera that can help to SUPERCHARGE your immune system. Read on to find out how!


About Aloe Vera

Everyone has heard of aloe vera, but most have only seen it as a mere ingredient of lotions and creams, due to aloe’s widely known benefits for skin. But aloe vera is one of the most nutritious and versatile vegetables on the planet and should be used for much more than just an ingredient. Aloe is also a food.The gel of raw aloe vera contains vitamins C and E, plus the minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and chromium, as well as antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, enzymes, sterols, and lignins and, most importantly, polysaccharides.

It is the polysaccharides in aloe that help it do everything from fighting infections, to boosting the immune system. The polysaccharides found in raw, fresh aloe vera are essential glyconutrients, long-chain sugars the body needs in order to maintain a strong immune system and achieve radiant health.These polysaccharides increase the levels of T- and B- lymphocytes, cytokines, interleukin and Natural Killer Cells, important parts of your immune system that help to fight off illness.

About Aloe Vera


Eating Aloe Vera

Many people have only used aloe vera on their skin, however taking aloe vera internally can do much more than boost the immune system. It can give us more energy, help to alleviate ulcers and heartburn, improve arthritis and inflammation, and help with digestive and bowel abnormalities. Eating Aloe Vera


More Benefits of Aloe

  • Naturally antiseptic and antibacterial -– can be applied to cuts, scrapes and abrasions
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-inflammatory – can ease the pain of poison oak
  • Can help to balance blood sugar and support diabetics
  • Cools and speeds healing of sun burns
  • Weight loss, detoxification
  • Prebiotic

Aloe has also been used to treat the following conditions:Eczema, acne, rashes, psoriasis, scarring burns and other skin disorders. Candida, burns, stretch marks, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, athletes foot and many more.

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raw, sustainably-grown
Aloe vera, whole leaves, 12/box
raw, sustainably-grown


 How to Use Aloe Vera

Filet your aloe leaf with a knife to remove the green outer layer. Apply the gel to your skin or add to recipes. The gel of raw, fresh aloe vera has a mild, slightly bitter flavor. Once the gel is removed from the inner leaf, it may be combined with other foods in smoothies, salads, or other raw food preparations.

You can make delicious and powerful elixirs and tonics by simply blending the raw gel into your freshly squeezed juices or herbal creations.

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