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Amazing Peruvian Cocktail Olives and Botija Olives

We are always on the lookout for more unique olives that meet our standards of quality, purity, and nutritional content.

We are thrilled to introduce two new olives for you to enjoy and share! These amazing olives come from the same small, family farm in Peru, as our wildly popular herbed and spiced olives.


Organic Green Sevillano Cocktail Olives

These delicious cocktail olives are a unique Sevillano variety. Sevillano olives are native to Spain, but they thrive in the coastal desert climate of Southern Peru.

The olives are picked ripe and cured naturally using a traditional brining method with sea salt. These olives are packed in glass with pure water and a dash of sea salt.

2071 - Olives, Cocktail, Pitted, 140g<br/>in brine, raw, organic
Olives, Cocktail, Pitted, 140g
in brine, raw, organic

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Dried, Pitted Botija Olives

Fans of our dried botija olives will be happy to hear that their favorite olives are now available in 100% recyclable glass. Not only is this more eco-friendly, the glass really seals in the freshness for the most authentic olive tasting experience possible.

Dried botija olives are first cured using the sea salt brine method, then they are dehydrated at low temperatures and sealed in glass. This is the ultimate in food purity!

2072 - Olives, Black Botija, Pitted, Dehydrated, 7oz<br/>raw, organic
Olives, Black Botija, Pitted, Dehydrated, 7oz
raw, organic

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 The Sunfood Difference

Did you know that most olives are picked long before they are truly ripe and can even be softened with chemicals such as lye? Some olives are artificially darkened with an iron compound called ferrous gluconate, and all canned olives are pasteurized (cooked). Our olives are picked when ripe and only cured using traditional and natural methods, such as sea salt brining and oil curing.

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