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Brain Health: Essential Fatty Acids, DHA and EPA

You may have noticed that depression, hyperactivity, anxiety disorders and learning disorders seem to be on the rise, but did you also know that all of these conditions have a relationship to deficiencies in omega-3 fatty acids?

Top researchers estimate that 90% of the U.S. population could be deficient in omega-3s. An incredible source of this crucial nutrient is a unique superfood called Marine Phytoplankton.


What is Marine Phytoplankton?

Marine Phytoplankton is a powerfully nutritious micro algae. Years of research on the thousands of known species of marine phytoplankton and algae lead a team of European doctors and scientists to one type in particular that was found to be extraordinarily beneficial for human consumption: the Nannochloropsis gaditana strain.

Sunfood Marine Phytoplankton is a super-nutrient concentration of Nannochloropsis gaditana along with 90+ ionic, trace and organic minerals in a readily absorbable, bio-available form.

What is Marine Phytoplankton?


Omega 3s, DHA and EPA

Marine Phytoplankton is a great source of omega-3s. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids (EFAs) that our bodies need but don’t make on their own and must be obtained from the diet. Two particularly important omega-3s fatty acids are (eicosopentanoic acid (EPA) and docosohexanoic acid (DHA). Many people are told to eat fish to get EPA and DHA. You’d have to eat an awful lot of fish to get the EFAs needed for optimal nutrition. But the question to ask is, where do the fish get it? The fish get it by eating plankton. So we can go right to the source and eat lower on the food chain.


The Sunfood Difference

Sunfood Marine Phytoplankton is carefully grown inside a highly-regulated, simulated oceanic environment. This is to ensure the purity of the phytoplankton and prevent contamination from chemicals and contaminants such as; heavy metals, bacteria, solvents, nuclear fallout, and other toxins, which are, unfortunately, increasingly found in our oceans.


Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton

People that experience Sunfood Marine Phytoplankton have been known to enjoy enhanced brain function, improved immune systems, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial effects, improved cellular repair, radiation protection and detoxification, anti-inflammatory support, antioxidant support, improved circulation, improved heart function, allergy/asthma relief, and suppression of symptoms stemming from degenerative disease.

Plus, the intense chlorophyll content in Marine Phytoplankton helps to increase oxygen uptake. Higher oxygen uptake means more fuel to muscles, which translates to improved energy, performance and endurance.

1299 - Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton 1 oz.
Marine Phytoplankton 1 oz.

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Recommended Usage

Marine Phytoplankton may be taken on the back of the tongue, two or more times each day, beginning with 2 drops at a time. In this way, nutrients may be absorbed directly into the body, bypassing the digestive system. Marine Phytoplankton may also be mixed into any smoothie, drink, or raw food dish. Try a dropper full mixed in with fresh coconut water! 1851 - Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton, LARGE, 3.4 oz/100mL
Marine Phytoplankton, LARGE, 3.4 oz/100mL

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