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Bring In The Pistachios



A delicious, heart-healthy nut that originates in the Middle East and Western Asia, pistachios have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years.

Pistachios are an amazing resource, and a nutrient dense food that, when eaten as part of a healthy diet, can benefit our health in a variety of ways.

Among nuts, pistachios are one of the most nutritious, and are a great source of vitamin B6 and trace minerals like copper and manganese. They’re also higher in antioxidants than most nuts and are bursting with healthy doses of dietary fiber (as much as oatmeal), improving cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol levels.


Like all of our nuts and seeds, Sunfood pistachios are low-temperature dried, which keeps nutrients and delicious flavors intact. No added salt, no preservatives. Our pistachios are from a small, local organic farm in California. You can feel great about buying from our own backyard. Children love them as snacks in their lunch boxes or after school.


Going meatless one day a week can help the environment, save animals’ and children’s lives, and reduce risks of preventable chronic dis-eases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman asked the U.S. to abstain from meat voluntarily during both world wars. The “Meatless Monday” movement is a non-profit, grassroots movement that is growing larger and expanding countries every day. Founded in 2003, the program seeks to restore this tradition and reduce meat consumption weekly by 15% to better the health of the planet..


We’re always searching for ways we can help others find alternatives to meat and include more vegetables and superfoods in their diet. This recipe is simple to make, versatile, and packed full of heart-healthy pistachios, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and greens. Enjoy “cooked” (i.e., dehydrated) with any toppings you are used to putting on your hamburger or even cooked veggie burger. Your heart and the environment will thank you.

This recipe will astound your meat-eating friends and make your mouth water simply by looking at it! Pistachios add a unique, delicious flavor to the burgers. Combining with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs creates a lovely synergy. The bread is fluffy and chewy; a perfect partner to the crunchiness of the burger. Double the recipe; your friends and family will thank you!

Click here to read the recipe.

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