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We’ve Been Out of Stock of This Superfruit for 6 Months & We’re Bringing it Back with a Bang!

Sunfood Lucuma Powder on Sale!

Lucuma brings you and your family a unique flavor, plus nutritional benefits such as of fiber, along with zinc, iron, and calcium. Its sweet taste gives you the potential as a healthy alternative sweetener. If you are conscious of higher glycemic sweeteners such as agave nectar or honey, lucuma is your dream come true.

If you’re looking to add an exotic fruit flavor and light, fluffy texture to your recipes, lucuma is it! Now is the perfect time for you to stock up and save! For today and tomorrow only, we are offering you a 10% discount off your purchase!

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How to Use Lucuma

Lucuma’s gentle, sweet flavor makes it extremely versatile in many types of cuisines seeking rich maple and caramel tones. Did you know that lucuma is a popular ice cream flavor in the Andes? You can also use lucuma as a thickening agent or “flour” in raw food dishes, custards, desserts, and pudding.

Try This Easy, Delicious Recipe

Vanilla Lucuma OJ Delight Recipe

The Sunfood Difference™

Sunfood lucuma is made by drying the most ripe and flavorful fruits at a low temperature and then gently grinding them up into an easy-to-use powder. This process preserves the delicate flavors and nutritional qualities of lucuma.

Lucuma is an ancient, exotic sweet Peruvian fruit that comes from the genus Pouteria. Lucuma evergreen trees (Pouteria lucuma), are native to the Andes and unique in their ability to produce fruit year round. This fruit, also known as lucmo or “egg-fruit” is divine; it is subtly sweet with rich maple undertones.

Sunfood Tropical Lucuma Powder

Sunfood Raw Lucuma Powder, 8oz Sunfood Raw Lucuma Powder, 8oz Sunfood Raw Lucuma Powder, 1lb Sunfood Raw Lucuma Powder, 1lb
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