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Get Raw and Get Social!

By Tina Washburn-Patz

Is your commitment to living a raw lifestyle disrupting your social calendar? For many, especially newly raw, this is not uncommon. Fear of pressure to indulge in cooked and processed foods, desserts, alcohol and coffee can thrust even the most vibrant raw foodies into hibernation. But, a commitment to raw foodism doesn’t mean you need to divorce your co-workers, friends and loved ones to live like a hermit. Instead, an added benefit of your raw journey is the chance to meet like’minded folks who are looking to build new relationships, too!

My Top Tips to Get Social while Staying Raw:

  1. Peruse Community Boards at Your Local Green Markets
    Many green and local markets have a bulletin board near their restrooms or dining areas where folks can pin up business cards, event notices, announcements and invites. Look for fliers for raw potlucks, recipe-swapping events, “cooking” classes and group activities. An added bonus is typically these gatherings are free except for the dish or dishes you prepare and bring to share.You can even post your own event announcement and make it stand out with a special theme like, “Need Ideas for Raw-Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner?” or “Learn How to Make a Rawmantic Dinner for Two”!Attending small group events like these will expand your friendships, sharpen your raw cooking skills and likely expand your recipe collection. Nice!
  2. Dine Out at Raw’Friendly Restaurants
    Familiarize yourself with the restaurants and cafés in your local area that specialize in living cuisine or organic, vegan and raw preparations. Many times, a café announcing they cater to vegans and vegetarians will be happy to accommodate your raw requests as well. Don’t hesitate to invite your non-raw pals to join you. Most café’s open their doors because they have a delicious and creative menu, and your friends might just find they enjoy the cuisine and want to hang out there too.Raw Restaurant Resources:
  3. Join an Online Community
    Online, social networking has been bringing people of all walks of life together for years. From Facebook to YouTube, Twitter and Meetup, you can find a group of followers for just about any interest. Just like dating and travel sites, online communities for raw living have sprouted up by the dozens. Some of my favorites are:http://www.facebook.com/Sunfood
  4. Attend Retreats, Classes and Seminars
    Most every city has centers for well being where you can take cooking classes, practice yoga and meditation, attend seminars on the benefits of a raw lifestyle, and sign up for retreats and local events. These are safe places to connect and build relationships and learn from those around you. Some great resources are:http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2007/04/upcoming_raw_fo.html

No matter how you connect, be confident in the knowledge you have more to offer now than ever before. And with these fun and reliable resources for expanding your social circle, it would be a shame for you to be hiding out. So get out there, get connected and get social.

About Tina:

To learn more about Tina and Urban Cuisine, please visit Urban CuisineTina, Founder and President of Urban Cuisine, has been preparing meals for her private chef clientele for over 10 years. Though skilled in the preparation of most cuisines, she specializes in pure meals, utilizing superfoods as often as possible. Tina has been featured in Cooking Light Magazine, participated in San Diego Magazine’s Your Recipe Contest, was a guest on Fox 6 San Diego and most recently was a contestant on the Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

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