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Guayasa: The High-Antioxidant Alternative to Coffee

Guayusa, the high antioxidant alternative to coffee

 What is Guayusa?

Those looking for a healthier alternative to coffee will be delighted to learn about Guayusa (pronounced WHY-YOU-SUH). Guayusa (Ilex guayusa)is a unique member of the holly family and grows in the mountains of Ecuador where the Andes meet the Amazon.

Communities throughout the Amazon have used guayusa for thousands of years as a delicious source of natural energy and nutrition. Guayusa’s unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids makes it perpetually central to morning rituals throughout the Amazon.

Guayusa Tea Leaf

 Guayusa Offers More Than Just Energy

Guayusa, high-antioxidant and alternative to coffee

Guayusa contains a diverse combination of both energizing and healthful compounds. It contains less caffeine than coffee and more antioxidants and polyphenols than green tea. Plus guayusa boasts an impressive array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

This unique balance of elements creates a balanced energy, without the crashes or jitters caused by other brews. Unlike its cousin, yerba mate, guayusa does not contain tannic acid which gives mate its bitter aftertaste.

 Guayusa Supports Rain Forest Culture

Unlike other teas and mate which are grown on large estates and plantations, guayusa is exclusively harvested from traditional forest gardens by indigenous farming families. Guayusa is shade-grown under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest where it needs a diverse ecological habitat to grow and thrive. This means that guayusa provides an economic incentive for farmers to keep the rainforest intact, unlike other crops that require trees to be cut down and cleared. Slash and burn agriculture is the leading cause of tropical deforestation, but guayusa agroforestry helps to maintain these vital areas for present and future prosperity.

Guayusa harvested from rainforest


 Benefits of Guayusa


  • Boosts physical energy as well as mental clarity and alertness
  • Balanced energy. No jitters or crashes
  • Boosts metabolism, which can assist in weight loss
  • Can help to balance blood sugar and support diabetics
  • Contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, chromium and vitamins C and D
  • Great tasting and naturally smooth
  • Contains 100% organic ingredients
Video about Guayusa Tea


How to Use

Now you can skip the long lines at those coffee shops serving up high-priced, sugary beverages and get in touch with an ancient tradition right from the comfort of your own kitchen. Simply pour hot water over a tea bag in your cup, steep for 4-7 minutes and enjoy. Honey or other natural sweeteners can be added if desired.

1935 - Guayusa - Traditional, 2 oz.
Guayusa – Traditional, 2 oz.

Organic (loose leaf)
1936 - Guayusa - Rainforest Mint, 2 oz.
Guayusa – Rainforest Mint, 2 oz.

Organic (loose leaf)
1939 - Guayusa - Tea Bags, Traditional
Guayusa – Tea Bags, Traditional

Organic, 15 bags
1940 - Guayusa - Tea Bags, Rainforest Mint
Guayusa – Tea Bags, Rainforest Mint

Organic, 15 bags
1937 - Guayusa - Traditional 8 oz.
Guayusa – Traditional 8 oz.

Organic (loose leaf)
1938 - Guayusa - Rainforest Mint, 8 oz.
Guayusa – Rainforest Mint, 8 oz.

Organic (loose leaf)
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