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The Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut

In India, the word for coconut tree was called kalpa vriksha, which means “tree that gives all that is necessary for living”. This is perhaps the most incredible testimonial for the benefits of coconut.

Coconut has long been a mainstay in the human diet in many parts of the world, and its numerous health giving properties are still being discovered. Not only is coconut an incredible superfood, it is also a must-have for any healthy kitchen. Shredded coconut is a recipe necessity!

We are pleased to present Raw, Certified Organic Shredded Coconut with no added sweeteners, sulfites, or preservatives of any kind!

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconuts are an amazing resource to anyone interested in both improving and maintaining health! Raw, shredded coconut has a variety of vital health benefits thanks to its good-for-you fats and high fiber. Coconut contains high amounts of lauric acid and caprilic acid, which boast anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties. Shredded coconut contains all the benefits of coconut oil. Besides supporting your health, our coconut flakes are incomparable in quality and flavor!


The Sunfood Difference

Our exotic and delectable shredded coconut comes to us from a sustainable and organic farm in Mexico. After the coconuts are harvested, the coconut “meat” is gently shredded and dried at low temperatures, ensuring the high enzymatic and nutritional quality.


How to Use Coconut

The flavor and creamy characteristic of coconut make it very versatile in all types of raw food delights! You can use coconut shreds in anything from superfood smoothies to raw cheesecakes, gourmet curries, or to make your own coconut milk.

One of our favorite ways to use coconut is by making incredible Raw Macaroons. Click here to see an amazingly delicious, easy and fun recipe for macaroons.

How to Use Coconut

Organic Raw Shredded Coconut

2135 - Coconut, Shredded, 8oz, Organic, Raw<br /><br /><br /><br />
large shred
Coconut, Shredded, 8oz, Organic, Raw
large shred

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2136 - Coconut, Shredded, 16oz, Organic, Raw<br /><br /><br /><br />
large shred
Coconut, Shredded, 16oz, Organic, Raw
large shred

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