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Incredible Organic Peruvian Olive Tapenade


Imagine our incredible, ripe Peruvian olives crushed and blended with the finest organic olive oil, herbs and a pinch of sea salt. That is exactly how our Organic Peruvian Olive Tapenade is created.

This savory, classic creation is made of ripe, green Peruvian olives from the same organic farm as our popular Botija Olives. This tapenade boasts all of the health benefits of our olives and olive oil.


The mouthwatering uses are endless:

  • Makes an epic dip for sliced cucumbers or sticks of celery
  • Put a spoonful in the middle of a ripe avocado half
  • Enjoy over your salad
  • Serve with raw crackers and flax chips
  • Use as the “special sauce” for wraps

A very limited amount of this amazing tapenade is created each year, so get yours today.

1998 - Olive Tapenade, Green Botija, 200g<br /><br /><br /><br />
raw, organic
Olive Tapenade, Green Botija, 200g
raw, organic

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