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Lucuma Fruit: Nutrient Packed “Gold of the Incas”

In the Andean regions of South America there grows a fruit like no other, a delicious fruit that was once known as the “Gold of the Incas.” That fruit is called lucuma (LU-KOO-MA), and in places like Peru, Ecuador and Chile, you would discover that lucuma is a top flavor, right up there with chocolate and vanilla. But there is much more to lucuma than just its incredible flavor. Many hold that its abundance of nutrients gives lucuma that coveted status of superfood. Lucuma Fruit: Nutrient Packed 'Gold of the Incas' - Plus Lucuma 'Eggnog' Recipe


What is Lucuma?

Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma) is an exotic, slightly sweet subtropical fruit grown in South America. The fruits are green and oval with a bright yellow-orange flesh. The taste of lucuma is incredibly unique, with rich flavors of maple, custard and caramel. Lucuma was honored as a sacred tree and fruit by cultures such as the Inca and Moche, who often portrayed it in their art. In some places, lucuma is also known as eggfruit, mamey sapote, and zapotillo. What is Lucuma?


Benefits of Lucuma

Lucuma is a nutritionally dense food and contains healthy amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is especially abundant in beta-carotene, iron, calcium, phosphorus, niacin (vitamin B3) and other B vitamins. The plentiful concentrations of beta-carotene can help to boost the immune system, and lucuma’s niacin content can help to balance cholesterol and triglycerides.


How to Use Lucuma

Lucuma’s rich flavors go well in many types of cuisines. Lucuma makes an epic ice cream flavor and smoothie ingredient. We love using lucuma as a thickening agent or “flour” in raw food dishes, custards and puddings. The sweet flavor of lucuma makes it a favorable option as an alternative sweetener for those looking to avoid higher glycemic sweeteners such as agave nectar or honey.Lucuma goes great in desserts, but it can be used savory dishes as well. Try using it with coconut or root veggies to make a superfood soup. How to Use Lucuma

Get Raw Organic Lucuma!

Sunfood lucuma is made by drying the most ripe and flavorful fruits at a low temperature and then gently grinding them up into an easy-to-use powder. This process preserves the delicate flavors and nutritional qualities of lucuma.

1909 - Lucuma Powder, 8 oz, Organic, Raw
Lucuma Powder, 8 oz, Organic, Raw

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1983 - Lucuma Powder, 1 LB, Organic, Raw
Lucuma Powder, 1 LB, Organic, Raw

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1457 - Lucuma Powder, 1Kg/2.2lbs<br/>raw, certified organic
Lucuma Powder, 1Kg/2.2lbs
raw, certified organic

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