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Maca Extreme: Taking the Power of Maca to the Next Level


As you may already know, maca is one of our most popular and beloved superfoods. Maca is a root vegetable grown high in the Peruvian Andes that was sacred to the Incas and has been used as a food and medicine in South America for centuries. It is well known for its adaptogenic ability to enhance strength and endurance. But how is Maca Extreme different from our regular maca? Read on to find out why we recommend Maca Extreme for people who want to take their health to an all new level.  Maca Extreme: Taking the Power of Maca to the Next Level


What Is Maca Extreme And How Is It Different From Regular Maca?

Maca Extreme is a micro-pulverized, highly bio-available, 4:1 concentration of the most important elements in maca. 

Using a unique cold-drying process, fresh maca roots are used to create a powerful concentration of maca. Normally, maca powder is made by grinding up sun-dried maca roots; the long, natural drying process is good, but the roots do lose some of their potency. Maca Extreme also contains less starch than standard maca making it ideal for those with difficulty digesting vegetables from the Brassica family (radish, broccoli, cabbage, etc). 

The benefits of maca primarily come from two unique compounds called macamides and macaenes. Macamides and macaenes are what give maca its power to enhance libido and fertility, as well as its adaptogenic properties, and Maca Extreme contains about four times the levels of these compounds as other maca products. 

All of the beneficial elements of maca are preserved at their highest levels in Maca Extreme. All the active constituents of maca, including the individual plant sterols, isothiocyanates, macamides, and glucosinolates, remain intact and absorbable, ready to provide maximum support to anyone seeking greater strength, stamina, and to find relief from present-day sources of stress. 

0903 - Maca Extreme, 8 oz, Organic, Raw
Maca Extreme, 8 oz, Organic, Raw
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The Sunfood Difference – How Maca Extreme Supports the Local Economy in Peru

Our certified organic Maca Extreme is grown high in the Andes by indigenous farmers, many of whom are women with children. These women have partnered with a sustainable, organic Peruvian organization to form a community that is a win-win situation. Before this partnership began, these women were only growing potatoes and corn and were subject to the limited demands of the local economy. This placed them in a situation where it was difficult to support each other and their families in a sustainable way. 

Most of the women employed are single mothers and with the help of this new program they are now being compensated an average of 30% more than just a few years ago. This organization is also very supportive of education and of preserving ancient traditions. They have helped these women form a seed bank, which ensures that the sacred maca will be around for generations to come. Together, they produce a crop that is fair-trade, sustainable, and certified organic. 

The Sunfood Difference - How Maca Extreme Supports the Local Economy in Peru


How to Use Maca Extreme

Maca Extreme is a very powerful and potent form of maca, so a little goes a long way. If you are familiar with maca and have been using it regularly we recommend starting with 1 – 2 teaspoons of Maca Extreme every day. If you are new to maca, please begin more slowly with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily, and then build up from there. 

Maca goes great with cacao and Maca Extreme can be used in place of or in combination with regular maca root powder in many recipes with raw cacao, providing an even more powerful boost to your raw superfood creations. But you may want to use a little less Maca Extreme than you would regular maca; again, it is very potent. Try mixing Maca Extreme into raw salad dressings, or try blending it into nut butters, smoothies, elixirs, teas, dips, or spreads. 

How to Use Maca Extreme


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