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New Secret to Keep Your Fruits and Veggies from Spoiling – Save $2200 a Year!

How to Kill the Microorganisms That Make Your Food Go Bad

How many times have you opened your fridge to find moldy fruits and limp veggies? What about that not-so-fresh smell in your fridge? Did you know your refrigerator has bacteria growing at 1 billion units per second?

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could completely eradicate harmful microorganisms that cause the food in your fridge to spoil…

Now you can! BerryBreeze™ is a scientifically proven compact device that sanitizes your fridge by safely and naturally neutralizing undesirable microorganisms, germs, mold, yeast, fungus, bacteria, and viruses — without the use of carcinogens, chemicals or harsh cleaners. It saves you an estimated $2200 per year per household by avoiding spoilage of food in your fridge, equivalent to $165 billion a year for all Americans*. For each family, that’s about $183 per month, which means that BerryBreeze™ will pay for itself within the first two weeks, and cover your Sunfood shopping!

The technology is simple. BerryBreeze™ is a small, lightweight, battery-operated, activated oxygen (O3) generator. It has no filters to clean and there is no maintenance required. By circulating pure, activated oxygen, this revolutionary product keeps your food fresh while completely eliminating all unwanted odors and tastes from your fridge and your food.

Berry Breeze™ vs. Ordinary Fridge
Reduce Pollution & Feed the Planet Did you know Americans are throwing out over 33 million tons of food per year? That’s the single largest component of U.S. municipal waste and a large portion of methane emissions in the U.S*.  The average American wastes nearly 40% of all edible food, if we were able to save just 15% of that, it would be enough to feed 25 million people*.

BerryBreeze™ keeps food fresher, longer so it ends up on plates, not landfills. It’s a simple way for you to make a difference in your life and in the world!

Increase The Nutritional Value of Your Food

Not only does BerryBreeze™ maintain the freshness of your food; it actually increases the nutritional and antioxidant properties of produce. According to an independent study, foods tested with BerryBreeze™ exposure contained increased flavonoids, phenols, β-carotene, lutein and lycopene**.

Keep your food fresh!
Are You Ready to Make a Positive Difference in Your World?

BerryBreeze™ is the first device of its kind to be proven effective by independent laboratory tests to keep your food fresh and more alive. Stop throwing away thousands of dollars of moldy fruits and vegetables. This innovative technology is a simple solution to save money, save food, and reduce your carbon footprint so we can all enjoy a greener planet.

*National Resources Defense Council August 2012
**R&D Enterprises of Walnut Creek, CA
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