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Organic Apricot Kernels

Apricot kernels contain a rare substance called amygdalin (uh-mig-duh-lin) also known as vitamin B 17. Amygdalin can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis, can help to lower blood pressure and boost the immune system. But amygdalin’s most controversial reputation is as a possible tool in the fight against cancer. Many believe that amygdalin can help reduce the risk of cancer, and some claim that it can even help to fight cancer.


What are Apricot Kernels?

Apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca) are simply the edible seeds of apricots. Apricot kernels are closely related to almonds and they contain very special health promoting nutrients.


Benefits of Apricot Kernels

Amygdalin, which is present in apricot kernels, has largely disappeared from Western diets. Cultures throughout the world that still eat more traditional diets, and particularly diets high in foods containing amygdalin, are often found to have cancer rates far lower than those in societies that eat more modern, processed foods.

In addition to being the highest natural source of amygdalin, apricot kernels also contain vitamin B1, magnesium, and iron.

Benefits of Apricot Kernels

The Sunfood Difference

Our apricot kernels originate from wild apricot trees growing on pristine mountain slopes in Uzbekistan. These trees have never come into contact with any sort of pesticide, herbicide or synthetic fertilizer. The apricots are harvested gently by hand.

Then the kernels are removed and slowly sun-dried.The farmers pride themselves on cultivating the highest quality kernels possible, while maintaining eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.

How to Use Apricot Kernels

We recommend starting slowly with apricot kernels as they are considered to be a medicinal food. Eating 6-10 kernels* a day is a good way to get started. We recommend chewing them thoroughly or grinding and sprinkling on your foods (try with raw muesli or on top of your salad!)

*Please note: apricot kernels may lower blood pressure, thus it’s recommended to only consume 5 per hour. 

2167 - Apricot Kernels, Sweet, 8oz, Organic
Apricot Kernels, Sweet, 8oz, Organic

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