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Our Top Food for Avoiding Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional Deficiencies

Many legendary health experts have stated that the root cause of many illnesses can be traced back to a nutritional deficiency of some sort – whether it be a deficiency of a vitamin, a mineral, an enzyme, or even an abundant element such as oxygen. In fact, Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling once said, “Every sickness, every disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency.”

An example of a deficiency leading to a disease would be a condition like scurvy, which is brought on by a lack of vitamin C in the diet. Another example is how an iron deficiency can lead to anemia. A lack of iodine can lead to a swollen thyroid gland (goiter) and reduced production of hormones. The list of examples goes on, and on. It is very clear that complete mineralization of our body’s tissues and organs is necessary for optimal physical, mental and emotional function.

How Do We Make Sure We Are Getting All The Nutrition We Need?

Diets high in standard grocery store foods, restaurant foods, and fast foods have left millions of people deficient in nutrients. This is due to the poor quality of our soils, the use of synthetic fertilizers, and the application of high heat and chemical processing to foods. These poor quality foods may even contain GMOs and pesticide residues. Even if one is eating all organic and raw foods, it is still possible to become deficient in some nutrients. That is because organic agricultural soils can also lack minerals, unless advanced techniques are used to replenish lost elements.

How Do We Make Sure We Are Getting All The Nutrition We Need?
This is exactly why we created the green superfood, Sun is Shining. Sun is Shining contains a powerful medley of nutrient dense foods grown in a variety of mineral-rich environments. What does this mean? This means an abundance of nutrients. Sun is Shining was specifically designed to help cover our nutritional bases.

What is Sun is Shining?

Sun is Shining (formerly known as Nature’s First Food) is our very own green superfood formula and has been a top-seller here at Sunfood for over 10 years. Sun is Shining is a dynamic whole-food formula that contains 100% raw, vegan, organic or wild-crafted superfoods, plus an amazing probiotic and enzyme complex. Sun is Shining contains over 60 powerful ingredients. Here are some highlights:

Land Vegetables: Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Nettle Leaf, Horsetail, Dandelion, Spinach, Alfalfa, Kale Juice Powder, Broccoli Juice Powder and more

Sea Vegetables: Icelandic Kelp and Nova Scotia Dulse

Algaes: Spirulina and Broken-Cell-Wall Chlorella

Enzymes: Amylase, Lipase, Protease, Cellulase, Bromelain and Papain

Probiotics: L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Salivarius and many more

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0441 - Sun is Shining - Green Superfood, 10oz<br/>raw, organic & wildcrafted ingredients


Benefits Sun is Shining is specially formulated to support the immune system, to help build and maintain strong bones and muscles, and to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Sun is Shining is also an alkaline forming food to help balance pH.


Probiotics (friendly microorganisms) live in our digestive tract and enhance digestion, nutrient absorption, and support the immune system. These beneficial bacteria actually must come from outside of our bodies. Probiotic rich foods such as Sun is Shining and fermented foods are imperative for keeping our inner ecosystem in balance.

How to Use Sun is Shining

Sun is Shining is easy to use, as it mixes easily into juices, water, and smoothies. Try it with coconut water! You can also add it to meals, sprinkle on salads, blend into raw soups, dressings, or add to dehydrated crackers and breads for an added boost of protein, alkalinity, and minerals.

Sun is Shining has it all: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and chlorophyll.

Get your Sun is Shining Green Superfood today!

How to Use Sun is Shining
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