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Bee Pollen: One of Nature’s Most Perfect Foods

Did you know that bee pollen is one of nature’s most complete and perfect superfoods? Civilizations from around the globe have praised bee pollen as a sacred source of rejuvenation, longevity, energy and stamina.

Bee pollen is mentioned in ancient Chinese and Egyptian texts and even the Bible. It is said to contain every single element necessary for the human body to sustain life.We have been fans of bee pollen for many years and we are thrilled to share our latest discovery with you: our new, ultra-pure Amazonian bee pollen from Oxapampa, Peru.

What is Bee Pollen?

Pollen are tiny, dust-sized seeds, found on the stamen of all flower blossoms. As honey bees travel from flower to flower looking for nectar, the pollen collects into little clumps on their legs.

This often results in pollination and it is through this symbiotic relationship with bees that many plants reproduce. When a bee returns to the hive and crawls in, small clumps of pollen fall from the legs into a collection vessel.


Benefits of Bee Pollen

Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is considered by many to be the most complete superfood available in nature. This is because bee pollen contains more than 96 different nutrients, including every nutrient known that our bodies need.

One of the most significant facts about bee pollen is that it is an alkaline and energy-rich source of complete protein. Bee pollen has approximately 20% easily-assimilated protein and 22 essential amino acids. This means that gram for gram, pollen contains about 5 times more protein than cheese, eggs and meat!

Here are just a few of bee pollen’s many qualities:

  • More than 15 vitamins, including many B vitamins and vitamins C, D, and E
  • 28 essential minerals, including iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium and copper
  • Bioavailable enzymes, all which have been shown to help with digestion and assimilation of other foods (could also help with weight loss and digestion issues)
  • Can help balance hormones for improved reproductive health and libido
  • 15% lecithin, which supports the nervous system and brain
  • High levels of nucleic acids, which help protect against radiation

 The Sunfood Difference

Many beekeepers overharvest pollen and don’t leave enough for the honey bees to use. Some beekeepers even feed their bees sugar or high fructose corn syrup to keep them working and harvesting pollen. Other inhumane practices include smoking out the hives and spraying toxic chemicals on the plants from which the bees collect pollen.

Our bee pollen is harvested by beekeepers who treat their bees and plants with the highest respect and regard. Pure and unadulterated, our bee pollen comes directly from a supreme location in the Amazonian jungle valley in eastern Peru. The bee pollen is dried using a unique low temperature process, which maintains the live enzymatic content and keeps it in a highly mineralized, alkaline state.

2134 - Bee Pollen, Oxapampa, 8oz<br/>raw, air-dried, wild-crafted/pesticide-free
Bee Pollen, Oxapampa, 8oz
raw, air-dried, wild-crafted/pesticide-free

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How to Use Bee Pollen*

We suggest starting out with 1/2 to 1 tsp. daily. You can use bee pollen in a myriad of ways! With its sweet, earthy taste, pollen goes great into smoothies, juices, tonics and elixirs. We often sprinkle bee pollen on our salads to add texture and a touch of sweetness.

It’s also great to add to raw desserts like cookies and brownies for a supercharged twist. Read about our other bee products here.

Recipe: Superherb Chi Tonic


New Recipe: Superherb

In Chinese Traditional Medicine “lifeforce” or “energy flow” is known as Chi, and bee pollen can certainly get the energy flowing. Pau d’Arco and Cat’s Claw are antifungal and antiviral superherbs found in the Amazon rain forest.Guayasa is high in antioxidants, and goji berries are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet!

When these ingredients are combined they synergistically create a tonic that supports immunity and builds Chi.   Click here to see the recipe. 

*For those with allergies to pollen or bees, we recommend consulting your health care professional before consuming bee pollen.


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