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Peruvian Olives: Top Selling Olives of All Time

New Crop of Dried, Pitted, Peruvian Olives Has Arrived!

These pure, unbelievably juicy olives are grown in a coastal region of Southern Peru that has never been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Many years ago a pioneering organic farmer used permaculture techniques to turn a small patch of dry land into an oasis of olive trees. Today this small, organic, family-run farm produces some of the most delicious olives on Earth.

  Raw Olive Farm in Peru

How are olives good for you?

Olives are technically a fruit, and are one of the most mineral rich fruits on Earth. Olives are especially high in calcium and magnesium which together help to build strong bones. They contain vitamins A and E and the beautifying, heart healthy oleic acid. Olives also contain protein and compounds called polyphenols which display anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Plus, olives, more than any other fruit, are known for their mucus dissolving properties. Too much mucus in your system can cause that cold/flu-like feeling of being clogged and stuffy with puffy eyes and dulled senses. Regular consumption of olives can help to clear out excess mucus and lift the fog.

1120 - Olives, Black Botija Pitted, 8 oz, Organic, Raw, Sun-Dried
Olives, Black Botija Pitted, 8 oz, Organic, Raw, Sun-Dried

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Olives and Fats

Some people worry about the fat content of olives, but they contain monounsaturated fats which are much healthier than the trans fats or saturated fats found in other foods. Our bodies need fats to strengthen cell membranes, beautify the skin and lubricate our joints and intestines. Olives are a delicious source of healthy and alkaline plant-based fats.

What to do with olives

No salad is complete without olives and these are pitted and ready to be sprinkled on your greens. At Sunfood we like to use olives as the “meat” of many dishes. For example we like to use them as the “meatballs” in raw pasta dishes. The texture of olives is very satisfying and is great for helping those new to raw foods get that “full” feeling.

In fact, olives contain a protein-to-fat ratio that is similar to red meat, but none of the cholesterol.Everyone loves olives, not just raw foodies, so they are a great way to get your kids and family to add something healthy to their diets.

The Sunfood Difference

Did you know that most olives are picked long before they are truly ripe and can even be softened with chemicals such as lye? Some olives are artificially darkened with an iron compound called ferrous gluconate and all canned olives are pasteurized (cooked). Our olives are picked when ripe and only cured using traditional and natural methods, such as sea salt brining and oil curing.


Raw Organic Olives

Dried, Pitted, Peruvian Raw Organic Olives

These amazing olives sell out every year so be sure to stock up now. Available in plain, herbed and spiced.

1120 - Olives, Black Botija Pitted, 8 oz, Organic, Raw, Sun-Dried
Olives, Black Botija Pitted, 8 oz, Organic, Raw, Sun-Dried

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1560 - Olives, Herbed, PITTED, 8 oz<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
raw, certified organic
Olives, Herbed, PITTED, 8 oz
raw, certified organic

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1561 - Olives, Spiced, PITTED, 8 oz<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
raw, certified organic
Olives, Spiced, PITTED, 8 oz
raw, certified organic

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