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Save 15% Off Ambrosia Honey – The Purest Raw Honey

Save 15% Sunflower Organics Ambrosia Honey Products

Why buy anything but the purest raw honey? Ambrosia is a delectable blend of California wildflower honey and bee pollen, which is rarely found in commercial honey.  One bottle has approximately 60 grams of bee pollen, more than any other honey/bee pollen product out there. In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia is the food or drink of the Greek gods, often depicted as conferring ageless immortality upon whoever consumed it. Unfortunately, this exquisite honey won’t bring us immortality, however, it will give you and your family a rich and creamy superfood full of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and enzymes. It’s bee-licious!

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One of the great things about honey is how versatile of a food it truely is! It can be used as sweetener in your herbal tea, mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to create your own dressing, and add to your favorite smoothies or use in your desserts.

Our Promise to You

Sunfood Superfoods is the world’s premier source for organic, raw, and non-GMO Superfoods. Our promise to you is our mission statement: “to enrich lives and enhance health through the highest quality nutritious foods.” To fulfill this mission, we search the world for the best possible superfoods. When you buy Sunfood products, you know you are getting the best of the best!

Offer valid through Monday, March 4, 2013, 11:59PM, PT

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