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The Power of Enzymes


The Power of Enzymes and New Raw Sunflower Lecithin plus a Quick Goji Berry Recipe perfect for Summer
Amylase Enzyme

Life is not possible without enzymes. Enzymes regulate thousands of biochemical reactions that take place inside our bodies every moment. The discovery of enzymes and their role in health is one of the greatest breakthroughs ever achieved in nutrition. Only raw foods and enzyme supplements contain enzymes as they are destroyed by the high heat of cooking or processing.

Enzymes can help us attain our optimal weight, accelerate detoxification and cleansing, and they greatly assist the digestive process. Enzymes also increase nutrient assimilation and can help rejuvenate aged skin and internal organs.

Animals living in the wild get all the enzymes they need from their diets because they only eat raw, living foods. But if you look at human diets, which typically consist of large amounts of cooked foods, you will find enzyme deficiencies and all of the ailments associated with them.


What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are a requirement for life. No vitamin, mineral or hormone can do any work without enzymes. Without them, seeds could not sprout, fruit could not ripen and our bodies could not break down sugars, fats, etc. In fact, most of our body’s most basic functions cannot occur without enzymes.

One of the reasons a high fever is so deadly is that enzymatic reactions in the body begin to stop.Enzymes are small protein-like molecules that transform amino acids, fats, starches, and minerals into forms usable by our bodies. There are many different types of enzymes, each with its own role. Lipase, for example breaks down lipids (fats), protease breaks down proteins, and amylase breaks down carbohydrates.

Enzymes are created by our pancreas but we should be getting an abundance of them from our diet. Raw foods contain the enzymes our bodies need to help digest and absorb that particular food, not all of the other foods we eat. For example, if one were to eat a veggie burger, the enzymes in the lettuce and tomato would help our bodies break down and assimilate the lettuce and tomato, but not the bun, patty, ketchup, etc.

How to use Beauty Enzymes
Life requires enzymesWhat Are Enzymes?
Cellulase Enzyme


Danger of Enzyme Deficiencies

Enzyme deficiencies are directly related to a wide variety of health challenges. For example, overweight individuals are often found to be deficient in lipase (lipase is needed to digest fats) and diabetics frequently have a deficiency in amylase (needed to digest carbohydrates). A deficiency in protease can lead to unbalanced acid/alkaline levels in the body.Beauty Enzymes were specifically created to address the most crucial enzyme deficiencies.


The Sunfood Difference

Beauty Enzymes is the most potent formula on the market – tested to be 7 times more potent than most enzyme products and twice as potent as the next-best formula. Enyzmes for supplements are typically grown a nutrient rich medium called a substrate.

Many enzyme products are grown on low quality substrates that can even contain genetically modified ingredients, such as dextrose, which can lead to contamination of the enzyme.

Beauty Enzymes are only grown on non-GMO substrates and are guaranteed to be free of GMOs.

Sunfood Beauty Enzymes are:

  • 100% non-GMO
  • 100% plant based and vegan (no pancreatin or other animal products)
  • 100% certified kosher
  • 100% excipient free
  • 100% non-irradiated
0805 - Beauty Enzymes<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
90 Veg-Caps, 200cc/700mg
Beauty Enzymes
90 Veg-Caps, 200cc/700mg

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How to use Beauty Enzymes

Beauty Enzymes can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. When taken with food Beauty Enzymes can greatly assist with digestion, when taken on an empty stomach they will have a more cleansing and detoxifying effect. Begin with one enzyme capsule taken with each meal. One can increase dosage as one acclimates to their usage. When cleansing, take one capsule between meals as well.


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