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This Will Boost Your Immunity!

Mushroom Science Dietary Supplements

Mushroom Science

2000+ studies in the past ten years alone and thousands of traditional herbalists agree on one thing: the power of medicinal mushrooms to bring you powerful immune support.

Each MushroomScience supplement has the potential to to boost your immune system due to a high content of beta-glucans, a type of polysaccharide similar to those found in goji berries and kelp. However, each medicinal mushrooms is unique, providing you with specific health benefits…

Immune Builder: A 5-mushroom blend, this is the ultimate powerhouse for immunity and our top seller.
Cordyceps: A stress reliever, cordyceps is also known for providing adrenal support and a boost to energy, athletic performance and sex drive.
Chaga: A powerful antioxidant, chaga has unmatched potential to help you reduce the effects of aging and strengthen immunity.
Reishi: This mushroom is called the mushroom of immortality in ancient China and is known to support liver health.
Maitake: A potent adaptogen, maitake contains a unique beta-glucan structure that helps kick your immunity into high gear.
Agaricus blazei: This mushroom contains more beta-glucans than any other for a powerful boost of immunity and well-being.

Few people realize that hot water extracts are the only kind of mushroom supplements ever used in scientific research and traditional herbal practice (The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms, p.6, Basic Health Publications, 2005, Dr. Mark Stengler). No other type of mushroom supplement, including mycelium biomass and tinctures, has ever been tested or used in published research. MushroomScience is the only U.S. Mushroom company offering hot water extracted mushroom supplements with proven effectiveness.

Mushroom Science Chaga Extract Mushroom Science Coryceps Cs-4 Mushroom Science Agaricus Blazei
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Mushroom Science Maitake Mushroom Science Reishi Super Strength Mushroom Science Immune Builder
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