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We Have a Dark Secret

Cacao is an Amazing Superfood!

This superfood might surprise you!

Did you know that chocolate is actually a health food? We’re not talking about sugary candy bars here. The secrets to chocolate’s incredible health benefits are unlocked when it is eaten in its raw, unheated state.

What can Cacao do for you?

With more antioxidants than most foods on the planet, cacao has been known to help boost immunity. As a natural appetite suppressant, it is said to help reduce food cravings and speed weight loss. Cacao is an energizing food bursting with magnesium and phenylethylamine (PEA), which is the pleasure chemical found in the brains of people in love — no wonder people are so attracted to chocolate!

Cacao is also a natural source of iron, and omega-6 fatty acids which play an important role in heart health and brain function, not to mention trace minerals such as manganese, zinc, and copper.

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What Sunfood Customers are saying about Cacao!
What Sunfood Customers are saying about Cacao!

Cacao is an amazing Superfood!

Cacao comes in many forms! Try cacao powder in a smoothie for a chocolaty twist. Munch on nibs with a banana or sprinkle them on yogurt. Experience the whole cacao bean dipped in raw honey or add to a trail mix. Use cacao paste to make your own chocolate. Try out cacao butter as oil in your recipes or wear it on your skin — the possibilities are endless!

The Sunfood Difference™

Our raw, organic, certified non-GMO cacao products are hand-selected and processing temperatures are never allowed to exceed 120 degrees to preserve delicate nutrients. No chemicals or solvents are used at any point of our processes.

Millions of people enjoy chocolate all over the world, but the vast majority of them have no idea where it comes from. It all comes from the cacao bean, which is the seed of the cacao fruit. Cacao beans contain theobromine which is known to help boost energy and mental alertness. They are mineral rich with abundant levels of antioxidants help to fight off harmful free radicals, making cacao beans an energizing and nutrient dense superfood.

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