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Radiation and Iodine

We get lots of calls and emails about what can be done to protect oneself from radiation. One strategy is iodine supplementation. Iodine can help protect the thyroid and glandular system against damage from radiation.

The idea is that you want your thyroid to have plenty of non-radioactive iodine, so that it will not absorb any of the radioactive iodine in the environment.

There are many food sources of iodine, some of which are:

• Sea Vegetables such as dulse, nori, kelp and sea lettuce

• Greens like spinach, swiss chard and turnip greens

• High quality sea salts, garlic and maca also contain iodine

You can also try iodine supplements. We recommend angstrom sized minerals such as those from Mother Earth Minerals.

Here is a list of foods we carry that contain iodine or can help the body protect against radiation damage:



Sea lettuce

Angstrom Iodine

Marine Phytoplankton

Red Marine Algae

Pure Klamath Crystals


Kelp and Kelp Powder

Milk Thistle Seeds

Chaga Mushroom

Sun Is Shining Green Superfood




Reishi Mushroom


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