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Organic Golden Manucca Raisins with Seeds


Raisins have been enjoyed all over the world for thousands of years, and are especially popular with kids. But if you walk into an average grocery store today the raisins you will find are a pale comparison to a once great food. Most raisins these days are highly hybridized (seedless), are grown using pesticides, and are treated with preservatives such as sulfur dioxide. This is why we are proud to announce our newest discovery: organic golden manucca raisins! Organic Golden Manucca Raisins with Seeds


A Golden Heirloom

These delicious raisins come from a rare, heirloom variety of grape called manucca. Golden manucca raisins are HUGE, juicy and contain their crunchy seeds, just as Nature intended.Many years ago, the demand for a seedless grape won over the market, and seedless grapes and raisins became the norm. However, what many did not realize was that a big part of the health benefits of raisins came from the seeds. A Golden Heirloom


Health Benefits of Raisins (with seeds)

Raisins are a great for blood health as they contain an abundance of iron, B vitamins and copper. Raisins are a good source of potassium and magnesium which can help reduce acidity in the body, making us more alkaline. Raisins contain the micronutrient boron which is necessary for proper bone formation and absorption of calcium.

Raisins also contain nutrients that can help protect our eyes from free radical damage, as well as A-vitamins which are essential for healthy vision.The seeds in raisins contain polyphenols, tannins and polyunsaturated fatty acids.Many studies have demonstrated significant health properties of the compounds found in grape seeds.

Some believe grape seed can even help reduce the risk for certain diseases.Only a limited amount of these amazing raisins are available each year because the growers put their emphasis on quality, rather than quantity. Picked at the peak of ripeness, the heirloom manucca grapes are gently sun dried, preserving the nutrients and the sweet, fruity flavor.

2163 - Raisins, Golden Manucca, 16oz, Organic, Sun-dried, w/small seeds
Raisins, Golden Manucca, 16oz, Organic, Sun-dried, w/small seeds

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