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The Many Benefits of Omega 3s

  In the last few years, omega 3 fatty acids have gotten a lot of press for their variety of amazing health benefits. Health advocates have long promoted fish (salmon, sardines and mackerel) or fish oil as a main source … Continue reading

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Brain Health: Essential Fatty Acids, DHA and EPA

You may have noticed that depression, hyperactivity, anxiety disorders and learning disorders seem to be on the rise, but did you also know that all of these conditions have a relationship to deficiencies in omega-3 fatty acids? Top researchers estimate … Continue reading

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Sacha Inchi Oil

Here at Sunfood, we’ve been interested in Sacha Inchi for a long time. We knew that the Sacha Inchi plant bore a large star-shaped pod, known as the Inca Nut, and any foods used by the Inca have always piqued … Continue reading

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