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This Could Be The Most Powerful Superfood on the Planet

What if there was one superfood that had more nutrients than most foods on the planet? What if all these nutrients gave it a solid reputation of boosting energy and feeding your brain? Read on to discover what could be the most powerful superfood in the world! Continue reading

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Want to Boost Your IQ, Mental Clarity & Attitude?

Boost Your IQ, Mental Clarity, and AttitudeWant to Boost Your IQ, Mental Clarity & Attitude? What if we told you that certain foods and supplements could actually increase your IQ and help your brain function more optimally? It’s true! And we’ve got the studies to prove it. Continue reading

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It All Started with Phytoplankton

Marine PhytoplanktonIt All Started with Phytoplankton… Did you know that according to NASA, marine phytoplankton produces up to 90% of the oxygen on Earth? Continue reading

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Supercharge Your Body with These Top Immune System Boosters!

Our First Line of Defense: The Immune System Our bodies have an amazing mechanism to defend against sickness. The immune system is a collection of biological responses that defend us from threats against the body. Its job is to identify … Continue reading

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Pre-Thanksgiving 72 Hour Sale! Save 20% Off Select Supplements!

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Goji Aloe Reishi Longevity Lemonade

This recipe is a delicious way to that could improve your adrenal health. It can give you an immediate boost of energy! What’s more, this recipe is easy to adapt and improvise. Try with different types of fresh juices or … Continue reading

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Super Green Marine Phytoplankton Dressing

Recipe created by Elyssa Paige 1 cup cashews3 dropperfuls Marine Phytoplankton1 cup water2 tbsp fresh lemon juice¼ cup chopped parsley¼ cup chopped cilantro1 garlic clove1 stalk green onion1 Tbsp fresh chopped ginger½ avocado1 tsp Sun Is Shining1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional)½ … Continue reading

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Marine Phytoplankton: A Unique, Super-Nutrient Concentration

What is Marine Phytoplankton? Marine Phytoplankton is a unique, super-nutrient concentration containing 90+ ionic, trace and organic minerals in a readily absorbable, bio-available form. Years of research on the thousands of known species of marine phytoplankton and algae lead a … Continue reading

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Brain Health: Essential Fatty Acids, DHA and EPA

You may have noticed that depression, hyperactivity, anxiety disorders and learning disorders seem to be on the rise, but did you also know that all of these conditions have a relationship to deficiencies in omega-3 fatty acids? Top researchers estimate … Continue reading

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Resist Cold and Flu Season Naturally by Boosting Your Immune System

  Cold and flu season is well under way, but getting a yearly or seasonal cold or flu does not have to be the norm. After all it is not cold weather that causes a cold, it is a virus. … Continue reading

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Aloe Acai Tonic

This recipe is packed full with nutrients to supercharge your immune system. Drink when you need a pick-me-up to rejuvenate and revitalize! If this recipe is too bitter for you, add in a dash of raw honey, agave, or coconut … Continue reading

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Top Superfoods for Thyroid Health

by Dr. Ariel Policano One of the best things you can do for your thyroid is to give it the nutrition it needs. The most important nutrients for good thyroid health are iodine, vitamin A, zinc, tyrosine, and healthy doses … Continue reading

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