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5 Simple Ways to Switch Up Your Morning Smoothie

Bored of the same old smoothie combination? We’ve selected our Top 5 favorite smoothie boosts, each offering something a little bit different for your mind, body and soul.
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Do You Believe What the Meat Industry Tells You about Protein?

The Infamous Question: Are you getting enough protein? Vegans and vegetarians hear this question all the time because so many people think that meat is the best way to get protein. The facts, however, tell a very different story.   … Continue reading

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Fukushima Radiation Poisoning Revealed: How to Protect Yourself

The Truth Is Out. Since 2011, the implications of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima have been downplayed by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), who insisted that radiation leaks were minimal and no cause for alarm. Until now. Continue reading

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Sacha-lina Herb Dressing

Serves 6-8 people Looking for a creative and easy way to use spirulina? Sacha-lina is tangy, herb-a-licious and good for you! Spirulina crunchies are loaded with chlorophyll, a whopping 112% vitamin A per 8g serving, and 6g of protein. Sacha … Continue reading

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Maca Extreme Supergreen Smoothie

This recipe is sure to get you going in the morning, or as a pick-me-up after a workout. Plus it is delicious and satisfying thanks to the synergy of superfoods and quality nutrition! 4 cups liquid (filtered water, hot or … Continue reading

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Divine Superfood Salad Dressing

This salad dressing is a perfect, satisfying, and easy addition to your daily superfood regime! It’s creamy, a tad spicy and packed with flavor and nutrition. Spirulina and Sun is Shining provide protein and extra minerals, hemp seeds and Sacha … Continue reading

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Top Superfoods for Thyroid Health

by Dr. Ariel Policano One of the best things you can do for your thyroid is to give it the nutrition it needs. The most important nutrients for good thyroid health are iodine, vitamin A, zinc, tyrosine, and healthy doses … Continue reading

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Spirulina Crunchies: Ultimate Superfood Snack

spi•ru•lina: noun; blue-green algae of the genus Arthrospira, renowned for its nutrient valuecrunchies: noun; small pieces or bits Spirulina Crunchies™ are crunchy little bits of 100% pure spirulina. Spirulina is one of nature’s most perfect, nutrient rich foods and there … Continue reading

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Aztec OJ

This is a fantastic way to take Spirulina. It works best with fresh squeezed orange juice!  This recipe quickly turns into a sweet, frothy delight. 16 oz fresh squeezed organic orange juice1 Teaspoon Spirulina Crunchies Simply pour orange juice into blender and … Continue reading

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Sweet Superfood Cookie Crumbles

These are yummy as crumbles on top of your cereals and ice creams. If you’d like, you can form into cookie shapes and dehydrate for 2-4 hours.  1 tsp Acai Powder¾ tsp Bee Pollen¼ tsp Mesquite Meal½ tsp Spirulina1 Tbsp … Continue reading

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Oh WOW Cacao-Superfood Green Smoothie

Delicious and loaded with enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, this smoothie provides a well-rounded meal that helps boost your immune system to keep it functioning at optimal levels. Makes 4 servings. 4 cups liquid – water, hot or cold tea, … Continue reading

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