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Living Silica Skin Gel 5.07 fl.oz, Orgono

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SKU: 2032

Orgono Living Silica Skin Gel 5.07 fl. oz. (150 ml)

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  • Orgono Living Silica Skin Gel 5.07 fl. oz. (150 ml)


Human beings and other animals have a silicon capital. On average we find 5 to 7 grams of silicon in our body. As time goes by, this capital is depleted. Silicon does not remain in the body; we need to continuously supply it through the foods we eat and via supplements. Unfortunately, as we age our bodies become less efficient at absorbing silicon. Worse yet, we no longer get enough silica from our foods to rebuild our lost capital. This means that we are losing silicon at a greater rate than we are supplying it.  Orgono Living Silica Gel is a unique form of organic silica which is highly absorbable. Its supportive qualities have been used throughout the world for more than 20 years to restore joint health, revitalize the skin, and reverse signs of aging.

 Orgono Living Silica Gel is hydro-soluble and exhibits a cellular absorption level of approximately 70%. It represents the ideal option for topical absorption and involves no risk to the kidneys. Orgono Living Silica Gel combines well with many other topical lotions and gels, adding the power of bio-available silica to any other skin treatment. Silicon is one of the key elements in the connective tissue of the heart, and it plays a similar role in the brain. In this regard silicon takes on prime importance, as it is only through the action of silicon that the buildup of aluminum in the brain may be prevented. As more and more cases of aluminum toxicity are coming to light, the connection to proper supplementation with silicon becomes clear.

The main component of Orgono is fifth generation, organic-type silicon, monomethyl-silane-triol, CH3 (Si OH)3. This molecule is one of the best silicon carriers, and an activator of other molecules.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. None of this information regarding silica or our products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Brand Orgono

Orgono Living Silica Gel is said to increase strength of joints, build the resilience of connective tissues, and make the cells more alkaline. With increasing application of Orgono Living Silica Gel, one may regain the luster of youthful skin, improve hair quality, and reverse joint pain.

Suggested Use

Orgono Living Silica Gel may be applied at any time of day. For best results, appy a small dab to the affected area and let rest undisturbed for up to 20 minutes before gently rubbing in. The longer Orgono Living Silica Gel is left on the skin undisturbed, the greater the potential for smoother skin, reduced scarring, and reversal of wrinkles.

Ingredients Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylsilanol (organic silica), Citrus grandis (grapefruit), glycerin, silica.


Customer Reviews

amazing! Review by Sarah
This combined with the MSM Aloe Gel has been fading a scar on my leg and so brown spots on my face!! So happy I found them!!! (Posted on 6/2/2016)
Great for my hair Review by Ewa
It has improved the strength of my nails and my hair is not falling out. (Posted on 1/28/2015)
Perfect for spots and signs of aging Review by Melissa
I'm 36 and starting to notice my skin is getting age spots as well as drying out and becoming more sensitive. I love this, the Shea butter as well as the lotion. My spots are fading and my skin seems much healthier. (Posted on 8/8/2014)
Use with magnesium oil Review by nanz
Together with magnesium oil this product has really helped the appearance of my face. from many years in the sun I had dark patches on my skin. After using these products for just a short time - the spots are gone! (Posted on 9/4/2013)
This product is amazing. Review by One-Angel
I love this product. I purchased this to use on my hands to keep the skin nice for as long as possible as I am 55 now. I love the way my hands look--youthful. The huge plus is that my nails are incredibly strong. They do not break and I have to cut them nearly every week. Even as a teenager I didn't have nails this nice and strong. I do not polish my nails; a light buffing now and then with a chamois is all they need. I keep it with me at work, apply a little dab, sometimes with some aloe vera skin gel, and then spray with Soignee rose water spray and let my hands dry naturally. I type all day long, so, my nails really get a workout. I hope this product will be available for a long time. (Posted on 11/23/2011)
Get this product Review by gomustangs
I have used this with success to remove a bone spur in my hip joint that had been causing it to dislocate. Just two weeks of nightly use with the MSM lotion as per the instructions and my hip doesn't pop out anymore. I also put it on my husbands pelvic bones on his back and his hips don't go out anymore in addition I used it on his weak ankle. He was a gymnast and had injured his ankle many times and this gel made it stronger and he quit having problems. Now I must be hones and say that when I stop using it for a month or so he begins to have trouble again so it appears that a two week bout of treatment and then a month off is a good thing. Then one could probably use it less and less as I have experienced, i.e. He will tell me that he need "That stuff" put on his back again and it works right away to make the pain better by morning. Use it as the instructions. I bought a 54 oz. bottle and also the internal usage product but I cannot tell what it is doing inside. I only know that it does do something in there that we are not aware of. Otherwise God, the Creator would not have formed this substance. Thank you Sunfoods for making this information and these products available. (Posted on 8/14/2011)

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