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Honey, Spicy Ginger, 8oz, Sunflower Organics

Certified Raw Honey, Spicy Ginger, 8oz, Sunflower Organics
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Honey, Ginger Ambrosia 8 oz. (Sunflower Organics)

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  • Honey, Ginger Ambrosia 8 oz. (Sunflower Organics)


Sunfood has found this incredible Wildflower honey from California filled with bee pollen . Ambrosia is a beautiful yellow/golden color which comes from all that bee pollen. The raw honey and bee pollen are whipped until the bee pollen is completely emulsified in the honey. Once the bee pollen is whipped into the honey, it does not degrade, as no bacteria will grow in honey, and it will keep the bee pollen fresh.  The end product is a rich, creamy and very delicious superfood - full of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, enzymes and much, much more. Each 16 oz. bottle of Ambrosia contains approximately 60 grams of bee pollen - much higher than any other honey/bee pollen product. Spicy Ginger Ambrosia which contains certified organic powdered ginger and cinnamon. If you are a raw foodist, this is the perfect food for you - completely raw and loaded with nutrients and enzymes. The enzymes in the honey break down and the pollen make it more digestible. 

Give it a try and you will be hooked!

It's best to buy and consume organic honey, not only for our health but for the bee's too.  Hopefully not too long from now, all bee keepers will be organic out of necessity.

Manufacturer Sunflower Organics

Raw Honey is one of nature's richest sources of live enzymes, and contains over 80 different components important for human nutrition. Among these may be found many of the B vitamins, sulfur, phosphorous, iron, copper, silicon, and zinc. Raw Honey is high in antioxidants in its own right, and it also helps to defend the body against foreign bacteria while exhibiting anti-inflammatory effects. Raw honey is easily metabolized by the body and enters the bloodstream slowly, providing a steady source of energy.


Suggested Use

Spread on toast or crackers

Sunfood Turkish Figs  and Ambrosia honey - yum yum

Mix with plain yogurt

Blend with fruit smoothies

Pour over cereal

As a topping over ice cream or frozen yogurt (tip: bring a pot of water to a boil - turn the heat off and place Ambrosia in the water for just a few minutes until its very creamy and then pour over your ice cream. Ambrosia then hardens a bit and has a caramel-like texture. Its soooo good!!

How about a banana split made with low fat frozen yogurt and topped with Spicy Ginger Ambrosia and chopped Pecans.

Mix with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a sweet vinaigrette dressing

As a healthy sweetener for tea (do not pour boiling water over Ambrosia - add it to your tea when it has cooled down a bit to avoid destroying the nutrients).

Ingredients 100% Raw Organic Honey
Specifications Raw


Customer Reviews

This honey is the most UNIQUE tasting honey I've ever had! Review by Lora
I love this RAW honey with bee pollen. Besides the obvious nutritional benefits you get from consuming raw honey with bee pollen, this honey is infused with ginger, so it has a unique spicy taste that in my opinion, puts it far above other honeys (both raw & non raw) that I've tried in the past. It's not smooth & creamy right out of the jar (as I've found is the case with most raw honeys), but if you want this honey to have a smoother consistency you can always simply briefly melt some of this honey on the stove... (I think that next time I buy this same brand of raw honey with bee pollen I'll try out the spicy lemon flavor.) (Posted on 1/16/14)

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