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Sunfood SunPoints

SunPoints Customer Rewards
Earn while you shop, save money on your orders!

How do I join?

If you have a account you are automatically enrolled! You've already been earning SunPoints every time you shop. To see your current balance of SunPoints click on "My Account" in the top right of any page, sign into your account, and then click on "My Points & Rewards" from the menu on the left.

If you don't have an account, simply create one. There are no fees or obligations, this is just our way of saying Thank You for shopping with us. Earn enough points and you can get products for FREE!


How much are SunPoints worth?

SunPoints Value:
45 SunPoints = $1.00 off your order

(SunPoints may only be spent in $1.00 increments)


How do I earn SunPoints?

Automatically earn SunPoints by shopping on
All products will display an icon and the number of points you will earn for purchasing one unit on the product pages.
If you purchase multiple units the number of points earned increases accordingly. Points earned on an order are automatically awarded to you when the order is shipped and become available to spend.

You will still earn SunPoints on items purchased when using your points during checkout. Point distributions are awarded before any discounts in your cart are applied.

Other ways to earn SunPoints:
When you create a new Sunfood account = 75 SunPoints
Review a product = 25 SunPoints (if review is approved)
Occasionally we offer Double or Triple SunPoint specials through our newsletter!


How do I spend SunPoints?

Spending SunPoints in the Shopping Cart:
You may spend SunPoints in your shopping cart with the  + / - button and/or the Point slider. There is also a checkbox “Maximize my discount with points” that will automatically spend your SunPoints on the biggest discount for this transaction. You may spend all of your available points on one order, and discount products to zero dollars due, but you cannot use points to pay taxes and/or any shipping charges (if your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping). SunPoints are automatically deducted from your account when the order is invoiced.

Using a Special Code for extra SunPoints:
If you are using a coupon code for bonus SunPoints, you will earn them on the present order to which the code is being applied. The points will then be awarded to your account when your order ships out, ready for use on your next consecutive order. If you have a coupon for a percentage or dollar discount and a coupon for bonus points, only one coupon code may be used per transaction.

Multiple discount notes:
You may spend points, apply one coupon code, and earn free shipping all in the same transaction.


How do check my balance of SunPoints? 

Click on "My Account" in the top right of any page, sign into your account, and then click on "My Points & Rewards" from the menu on the left to see your current balance.


Do my SunPoints expire?

SunPoints Expire six months after they are earned if your account is inactive. The expiration date resets each time you place an order and the new expiration date applies to your entire points balance. 

You will receive an email reminder 90 days before your SunPoints expire, followed by another email 30 days before your SunPoints expire.

You can always check the status of your SunPoints activity from the My Points and Rewards page. The page shows all earning and spending activity.

You may choose to receive a monthly point statement showing how many points are in your account.


Special Notes:

Product Reviews Policy:
Sunfood moderates all product reviews and reserves the right to approve, disapprove, or remove any review on this site. Customers are limited to 30 reviews without express approval from Sunfood. If you have an issue with an order or a particular product, please contact us at 888-RAW-FOOD or email us at

Canceled orders:
SunPoints earned for purchases are automatically removed from your account total for any canceled items or canceled orders. Any points you spent on a canceled order are also refunded to your account.

Paying with PayPal:
What this means - A charge for 0.01 (in USD) is added to the checkout total to allow the PayPal Standard checkout to proceed when you are discounting the product completely and only paying for the remaining tax amount. This function is needed because PayPal Standard does not allow checkouts to occur if the customer is only paying for the tax amount.