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5 Tips for Making Back to School Less Stressful

It’s that time of year, whether you’re the student or the parent or the teacher when we have to make some adjustments. Gone are the days of sleeping in and not having many responsibilities. To help you transition, we have 5 helpful tips for making this back to school less stressful for you!

Practice your new schedule.

Starting at least a couple of nights in advance, practice waking up at your new time. This means going to bed earlier and doing everything you can to successfully get out of bed on time without needing to drink a million cups of coffee. The sooner in advance, you can start practicing, the easier it will be when the time comes where you actually have to!


Get everything ready the night before.

Let’s face it–unless we are superhuman, we all move quite a bit slower in the morning (mentally and physically). Try picking out clothes the night before, packing lunches, and doing anything else you can to make your morning more care-free. In being prepared for the morning, you will most likely get a better night’s rest without worrying about everything you have to do in the morning.


Eat your breakfast & drink your Matcha!

Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, helping you to burn calories throughout the day. It also gives you the energy to get things done and helps you focus. Matcha is a known energy booster and is roughly ten times more potent than regular green tea. The process of grinding the whole leaf into a super fine powder yields a higher concentration of nutrients and a stronger flavor profile. For a more subtle flavor, mix matcha with some plant-based milk and sweetener of your choice.


Make friends.

It’s always helpful to have friends that are going through the same experiences and situations and at the same. Befriend other parents and chat about tips, tricks, and parenting. Go to school meetings and try to get to know the parents of your kid’s friends. Life is easier when you have friends you can relate to, and learn from while helping each other out.


No technology in the morning.

Make a rule to put your phone/laptop/iPad away until you’re ready to leave the house. Texting, snapping pics or browsing social media takes up more time than we realize, and also takes away from time that could be placed elsewhere–like hanging with your family. This rule goes for kids too! Keep a rule for them to have technology only after their school and homework is done. They too, will be more productive.

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