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Supercharge Your Brain With These 7 Superfoods

In our busy life with never ending to-dos, flashing screens, and bottomless scrolls it’s inevitable that our brain needs additional supercharged support. Food is your best option when it comes to optimizing your brain’s work. We’ve got 7 superfoods that can help keep your mind healthy, clear, and balanced.


This superfood has boomed in popularity for many reasons and brain health is one of them. A recent study conducted within the natural medicine field by Adelaide University showcases that the abundance of polyphenols present in Acai berries exhibits neuroprotective benefits to prevent age-related cognitive dysfunction(1). Acai is also high in essential omega oils, B vitamins, amino acids, and micronutrients, which can help keep the brain clear of toxins and increase the production of healthful neurotransmitters, improving brain cell communication(2). Acai powders are the perfect addition to a fruit smoothie or bowl — it pairs deliciously with chocolate!

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is an exceptional superfood with an array of benefits ranging from allergy relief to immune boosting and yes, even improved brain power. Bee pollen contains all twenty-two amino acids and packs a serious punch of B vitamins which can help to not only ward off mental fatigue but help to sustain a clear mind throughout the day(3).

Chia Seeds

Adding chia seeds to your favorite healthy recipes is super easy and a great way to elevate brain health. Chia is high in omega-3 fatty acids, and can help support those who might suffer from depression and attention impairment. Additionally, omega-3s have been recently noted in the health and wellness community for their ability to prevent plaque buildup in the brain, thereby clearing the communication nerve pathways in the brain for increased efficiency(4).

Hemp Seeds

Plant-based and protein-rich, hemp is a superfood that has several brain-boosting benefits. As mentioned with our friend above, chia, hemp is high in omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp is also rich in GLA (gamma linoleic acid), which offers anti-inflammatory benefits to help with brain function. Inflammation contributes to many disorders that can impair our mental and emotional state including hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, and depression(5). Adding GLA in the form of a superfood, like hemp, can keep inflammatory markers under control and help you maintain a clear mind. We love making nutrient-rich elixirs with hemp powder and hemp milk.

Goji Berries

Also known as “wolfberries” this ancient superfruit has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Many qualities make Goji berries special but they specifically have a unique brain supporting nutrient not found in other fruit — an active phytochemical called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (aka LBPs)(6). A recent study published in 2014 showcased the standout ability for LBPs to protect the neurons in our brains from plaque damage and other toxicity factors, in addition to reducing inflammatory markers that can affect age-related cognitive function(7). Add goji berries to your trail mix, oatmeal or yogurt.


Moringa powder is an exceptional brain supporting superfood. Vitamins E and C are key in fighting and preventing oxidative stress to the brain, and Moringa is abundant in both of these nutrients. Moringa also has the ability to improve one’s mental health, such as mood and memory, by helping to regulate the brain’s neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline(8).


Derived from the resin produced from an organic plant that grows in the dark crevices of the Himalayan Mountains, this unique superfood offers exceptional benefits to the brain, specifically as it relates to trauma. A recent study showcased that shilajit produced a notably positive outcome in the repair and restoration of neurological function after brain trauma(9). The high presence of fulvic acid in shilajit is what makes it so extraordinary, on a variety of levels. In regards to brain health, it has been shown to offer preventative benefits to mental health disorders and even Alzheimer’s disease(10).

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