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Don’t Be Scared… We Have A Delectable Surprise For You!

Tricks…or Treats?

In celebration of All Hallows Eve, we’ve brought back our most favorite treat – Chocolate!! We’re not talking about those fun-size monstrosities that find their way into your kid’s bucket’o candy – this is some real, delicious, healthy chocolate. Don’t be afraid, splurge a little!
Be guilt free this Halloween! Our friends over at Earth Source Organics have perfected the art of the Righteously Raw chocolate bar. Loaded with minerals, antioxidants and an abundance of flavor, these frighteningly delicious chocolate bars can be enjoyed by parents and little monsters of all kinds! (Oh, the kids might like them too!)
Go on, indulge.
Along with raw cacao and beautifully smooth superfruit centers, these truffle bars boast some seriously addictive flavors. The marriage of raw agave nectar and pink Himalayan salt give these little chocolate bars a massive boost of flavor, while coconut oil promotes a melt in your mouth experience.
The aroma of Madagascar Vanilla sends a tinge of complexity through your taste buds, creating a delectable overall chocolate experience. Oh, did we mention these are actually good for you, too?



Caramel Cacao Truffle Bar

With 90% pure, raw cacao – this chocolate truffle bar is a chocoholic’s dream!
In between layers of chocolate lies a creamy “caramel” center, created by combining Lucuma, a subtropical fruit and delightful, low glycemic Middle Eastern dates. Guess what? These caramel-goodness truffles are also high in beta carotene, iron, potassium, copper and magnesium.
Righteously Raw, Caramel Cacao Truffle Bar
Maca Cacao Truffle Bar

Maca Cacao Truffle bars contain 80% pure, raw cacao and over 55 phytonutrients!
Explore the flavorful sensation of Maca’s warm nutty aroma enveloping rich dark cacao fudge. From the moment it touches your tongue, the unique blend of raw cacao butter in concert with mesquite pod, sweet maca root and a hint of Himalayan-pink salt energizes your body.
The powerful cobination of the coating, complemented by the sweetness of the truffle blended from low-glycemic dates and golden Hunza raisins, balance each other to offer a distinct flavor that may redefine the look and taste of chocolate bars.
Righteously Raw, Maca Cacao Truffle Bar
Goji Cacao Truffle Bar

90% pure, raw cacao covers delectable high frequency goji berries and luscious figs, making this a decadent treat for the experienced dark chocolate connoisseur.
The rich chocolate aroma and textured berries create a unique experience for the palate and bring lasting nourishment and energy.
This nutrient dense truffle bar contains all eight amino acids essential for life, as well as polysaccharides and other antioxidant components, thanks to the celebrated goji berry.
Righteously Raw, Goji Cacao Truffle Bar
Acai Cacao Truffle Bar

This little truffle bar is packed with 80% pure, raw cacao covering a layer of silky smooth Açaí berry. Imagine sweet, tangy, antioxidant-rich Açaí berries surrounded by delicious raw chocolate – that’s exactly what you’ll get in this amazing truffle bar!
The Açaí Cacao Truffle Bar represents a stunning advance for raw chocolatiers and raw chocolate, enrobing a rich filling of acai with dark, decadent raw cacao.
The texture of this bar alternates between the delicate snap of the best raw chocolate and the smooth texture of a superfruit filling, for a treat that is totally unique, simply delicious. 
Righteously Raw, Acai Cacao Truffle Bar
Rose Maqui Truffle Bar

Blended in this decadent truffle are sensational layers of flavor beginning with sumptuous dark raspberry and delicious sweet beet and ending on notes of rich chocolate and fragrant rose.
Each ingredient is consciously sourced beginning with a base of antioxidant-rich cacao butter and red raspberry powder paired with blood-detoxifying beet crystals and highly digestible brown rice protein powder.
Inside, rich maqui powder contained in our luscious truffle will provide you with yet another boost of powerful antioxidants.
Righteously Raw, Rose Maqui Truffle Bar
Cacao Covered Coconut Macaroons

Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, these 80% raw cacao covered coconut macaroons are low-glycemic, rich in antioxidants, and contain no refined sugars or soy.
The nutritional properties in these delectable, raw macaroons can improve blood flow throughout the body, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, stimulate endorphin production for mood, increase energy and endurance, support bone health, aid in reduction of inflammation and promote healthy skin.
Perhaps the best part–they are pure decadence!
Righteously Raw, Coconut Macaroons

Support Local Businesses!
One of Sunfood’s greatest missions is to support awesome local companies such as Earth Source Organics. Audrey Darrow, President of Earth Source Organics and creator of Righteously Raw chocolate products, shares her touching story below:
“Earth Source Organics started as a need to find affordable raw, organic foods as I was just recovering from a very aggressive breast cancer and money was tight. I saw that raw chocolate was selling for $14 a bar and I assumed that many others could not afford the luxury either. After going through treatment, I had severe allergies and quickly learned that this was a huge problem for children and adults. I felt I needed to produce foods that others could enjoy without all the worry. We continue to grow and are so very grateful for our wonderful customers and the amazing companies that allow us to sell our products to them!”
Go on! Indulge! Halloween comes and goes but your good eating habits don’t have to!

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