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Our Best Kept Skin Secret…

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Ever notice how dry, brittle or itchy your skin starts to get in the autumn and winter months? The luminous glow and supple feel of summer disappears and we’re left with a tough, dull exterior. What is this terrible phenomenon?
During summer months, our skin soaks up the humidity and moisture rich air, keeping our skin soft and maintained. As  the leaves start to crisp up and fall off, so does our skin. Dry air and cold weather can be a lethal combination… but it doesn’t have to be.

Spoiler Alert! Your favorite moisturizer isn’t enough…
Most moisturizers contain alcohols and sulfites… among other unexplained ingredients. Even the most “natural” products often sound like a science experiment rather than a moisturizer.
Oils and extracts such as coconut, almond, rose, and lavender may help calm irritation and roughness caused by temperature fluctuation, but these also may not be enough. 
Sunfood MSMThe real secret to maintaining healthy skin through the cold winter months? Sulfur.
Commonly known as “nature’s beauty mineral,” this nutrient is absolutely vital to maintaining smooth skin – additionally it also promotes strong nails and shiny, full hair. The single best way to get sulfur into your body is with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a naturally-occurring form of dietary sulfur that can be taken internally as part of your diet, or used topically in a lotion.

What Makes MSM So Great?

The sulfur in MSM is vital for the production of collagen and keratin, proteins necessary for the health and maintenance of skin, nails and hair.1 Connective tissue and cartilage also contain proteins bonded with sulfur.2  When MSM is taken internally, it has anti-inflammatory potential,3 and has also been shown in studies to release sulfur to form collagen and keratin, as well as essential amino acids and serum proteins — these are the basic ingredients of hair, skin and nails.4,5

Summer in November? Count us in!

Sunfood MSM Lotions

You can strengthen your skin, hair and nails from the inside out with MSM Powder, MSM Capsules or OptiMSM Flakes. Taking MSM internally with water or mixed with your smoothies has been proven in studies to be effective against dry, scaly or itching skin.6 To help even further, you can apply MSM Lotions to target and revitalize particular areas of your skin.
When applied topically as ointment or lotion, MSM has been found to be helpful with acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, scabies, diaper rash, burns, scars, and certain fungal infections.6,7 To address specific areas, use MSM lotions on scar tissue, wrinkles, blemishes, acne, skin irritations and burns — or just to have youthful, glowing skin!

Here’s What Sunfood Customers Are Saying About MSM:
OptiMSM Flakes
“Amazing! No more aching hands from sewing or cold mornings. Thicker hair. Moisturized skin. Stronger nails. I add 1/2 tsp to glass of water each morning, don’t notice any bitterness, just tastes like water.” – Regina

MSM Capsules
“I love MSM. My hair was starting to thin out really bad in the front. I started using MSM and in no time my hair was thickening. Thank God for MSM!!!!!!!” Dinah

MSM Powder
“This stuff is amazing, totally cured my Achilles tendinitis and has helped my knee tremendously after surgery.” – Jen

MSM Lotion, Lavender
“I really enjoy putting this product on my face especially before retiring for the night. It feels wonderful and am certain it is helping blemishes to heal faster.” Mikayla

MSM Lotion, Medicinal
“I use MSM lotion as a facial moisturizer and also use it for anti-chaffing. It works better than anything I have ever tried. It even reduced a few dark aging spots on my cheek. I also put it on a wart that was forming on my arm and the wart disappeared. All around usefulness and very inexpensive.” planlady

MSM Lotion, Coconut Rose
“I’ve tried so many high-end face creams/lotions, and nothing comes close to this product in terms of… well everything really. The quick absorbency, the clean, light feel to it, the natural ingredients (including the fragrance!), and the nourishment it provides as a result – all for a VERY reasonable price.” Kristya


The Sunfood Difference™

Our MSM is extracted from natural sources and is extensively tested to be free of contaminants. Lower quality brands of MSM are created using solvents that can result in toxic byproducts. Our MSM comes in a pure form that dissolves easily into water or juice. It is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. MSM also works very well in conjunction with vitamin C so we recommend mixing it with Camu Camu Berry Powder in water or juice.
 We hold our MSM Lotions to the same quality standards as our MSM supplements. All of our MSM Lotions are made with the purest ingredients and are free of alcohol, chemicals and parabens. Vegan and never tested on animals, they are good for your skin and sustainably sourced!
For radiant summer skin all winter long, combine MSM into your daily routine!
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