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Has Acai been knocked off its throne?

The Power of Purple: Maqui Berries!

#1 in the World in Antioxidants

and #1 in kick-butt color!

We love acai, but it’s time to start giving credit where credit is due. Beating acai at its own game isn’t easy, but the gorgeous, delicious, purple Maqui Berry can do it.
Maqui’s deep purple color is the result of the highest level of anthocyanins and polyphenols produced in fruit the world over, giving maqui berry the highest level of antioxidants of all known fruit and berries on the planet.

That’s right, for all the fame that acai gets for its antioxidant content, it pales in comparison to maqui.

Acai has an ORAC value of approximately 16,000 units/100g.

Maqui has approximately 27,600 ORAC units/100g.
That’s more than 3x greater than Pomegranate, 5x greater than Blueberry, and 100x greater than red wine.

The Majestic Maqui Berry

We can’t help but feel like maqui gets overlooked – the flavor is amazing, sweeter than acai, and it makes anything you add it to an incredible, intense purple that is simply stunning. Not to mention the incredible health benefits.

Of course, we still like Acai. It has some awesome nutritional properties like healthy Omega fatty acids and vitamin A and C. But because of it’s popularity, there are lots of sugar-filled and knock-off acai products out there. So be careful! Make sure you’re getting pure, organic products no matter what.

So, you don’t need to kick acai out the door, but try introducing yourself to maqui berry! In fact, one of our favorite smoothies uses both Acai and Maqui for a superburst of antioxidants.

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Use the powder in smoothies and desserts, and add the freeze-dried whole berries to granola, cereals, or sweet treats that needs a little crunch!

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Maqui Berry 


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