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Introducing Cacao & Mushrooms


Meet Cacao & Mushrooms – your brain’s new favorite squeeze. This warming elixir is powered by Lion’s Mane mushrooms that are fantastic for focus and cognition. It’s a delicious beverage that can help fuel your focus, bring joy to your taste buds, and give you the edge you need to tackle your goals.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are incredible for the microbiome. Mushrooms can help the gut to create more healthy bacteria, which helps the body to function at an optimal level. Most of us aren’t out foraging on the weekends or don’t care for the taste and texture of freshly cooked mushrooms. That’s where our unique Superfood & Mushrooms Blends come in. We set out to create a simple and easy-to-use solution for those who appreciate the convenience, yet aren’t willing to sacrifice the diversity of superfoods they enjoy every day.

Cognition & Focus

Cacao & Mushrooms is the perfect companion to your favorite nut-milk. With the constant stimuli we are surrounded by on a daily basis, we know it’s not always easy to complete the task at hand. Powered by Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Cacao & Mushrooms were created to give you the edge you need to execute on your goals. Start your day by filling a cup of Cacao & Mushrooms to help you stay focused. 

What’s Inside

With every ingredient in its right place, Cacao & Mushrooms is your brain’s new favorite squeeze and a straight-up delight to sprinkle on oatmeal, to mix into your favorite milk (hot or cold), or to stir into your morning cup of coffee. Our ingredients include Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Cacao, Jerusalem Artichoke, Spinach, Kale, and Coconut. 

Who’s It For

Are you juggling a million balls in the air? Cacao & Mushrooms is for anyone who needs to stay on top of their game with a sharp mind and laser-like focus. Our ingredients were carefully selected and created to give your brain the boost it needs and to help fuel your focus for a more productive day.

  • It’s crafted to give you the edge you need for optimal cognitive performance.
  • Anyone who appreciates the convenience yet isn’t willing to sacrifice the diversity of superfoods they enjoy every day.



At Sunfood, we create products with a purpose. Every blend starts with carefully selected ingredients that we source locally and all over the world from the farms where the art of cultivating superfoods has been perfected. We then masterfully combine the ingredients into blends that fit a specific purpose of your unique lifestyle.

Organic Cacao & Mushrooms

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