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Introducing Matcha & Mushrooms


Matcha has been around for nearly a thousand years and we can’t be happier that it started receiving the attention it deserves. Our new Matcha & Mushrooms is a great addition to your morning routine, and we love its classic taste. Honestly, this blend not only tastes creamy and smooth, but it also smells amazing! It’s an ode to matcha green tea. We paired matcha with the balancing maitake mushrooms and adaptogenic maca for a smooth and even energy release. Now, your mornings can be as productive as you’d like them to be.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are incredible for the body. Mushrooms may help the body perform at an optimal level. Most of us aren’t out foraging on the weekends or don’t care for the taste and texture of freshly cooked mushrooms. That’s where our unique Superfood & Mushrooms Blends come in. We set out to create a simple and easy-to-use solution for those who appreciate the convenience, yet aren’t willing to sacrifice the diversity of superfoods they enjoy every day.

Metabolism & Energy

Matcha & Mushrooms is a love letter to matcha green tea powered by Maitake Mushrooms and adaptogenic superfoods to help keep your metabolism running like it did in High School. Start your day with a filling cup of Matcha & Mushrooms to help tame your cravings and keep you feeling energized.

What’s Inside

With every ingredient in its right place, Matcha & Mushrooms boasts an upgraded matcha taste without any sweetener, so you can customize your cup just the way you like it. The 5 ingredients include Maitake Mushrooms, Matcha, Maca, Moringa, and Coconut. Simply blend with your choice of non-dairy milk and add sweetener if that’s your thing! We suggest coconut or almond milk. 

Who’s It For

Matcha & Mushrooms is for anyone who’d like to give their metabolism a lift. Nourishing your body with Matcha & Mushrooms every day can help bring your metabolism and energy levels back to balance. This blend also includes a metabolism complex that your waistline will love and smooth energy for a productive afternoon.

  • Anyone who’d love to give their metabolism a lift and help tame cravings.
  • Anyone who appreciates convenience yet isn’t willing to sacrifice the diversity of superfoods to enjoy every day.


At Sunfood, we create products with a purpose. Every blend starts with carefully selected ingredients that we source locally and all over the world from the farms where the art of cultivating superfoods has been perfected. We then masterfully combine the ingredients into blends that fit a specific purpose of your unique lifestyle.

Organic Matcha & Mushrooms

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