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Supplements for a Stress-free Holiday Season

Supplements for a Stress-free Holiday Season

Nov 29th 2018


The holidays are an exciting time and one that many of us cherish. Even if you love it as much as we do, stress levels tend to elevate during the holidays. Our to-do lists quadruple. The weather is cooler, making it challenging to ward off winter-related viruses. Our emotions might run high. It can feel like a lot on top of our regular routines, that keep us constantly busy. The holidays are meant to be a joyful time of year where we connect on a deeper level with family and friends and reflect on what we’re grateful for, and how we’ll start anew in the upcoming year. Give yourself the gift of good mental and physical health by adding some of these supplements for a stress-free holiday season!

Cacao & Mushrooms

Are you juggling a million balls in the air this time of year and feeling like your focus needs a pep talk? The power of functional mushrooms can help you fuel your holiday season. You can tackle any task be it remembering all the gifts you need to buy or stay on top of all the deadlines at work. Cacao & Mushrooms is a ready-to-drink decadent and warming elixir, featuring some of nature’s most powerful superfoods: cacao and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. It includes a cognition complex that’s for anyone who needs to stay on top of their game with a sharp mind and laser-like focus. It’s crafted to give you the edge you need for optimal cognitive performance.

Camu Camu

Let’s talk about one of our best friends during the holiday season to ward off cold and flu viruses and keep our immune systems strong. We’re talking about vitamin C. Yep! You’re going to need a fair amount of vitamin C throughout the season, and Camu Camu is one superfood that's brimming with it. These little tree fruits pack a punch of up to 240% of the daily recommended dose per teaspoon. Say what?! This is huge because vitamin C is not only beneficial as an antioxidant, but it helps to support your adrenals - thumb-sized stress organs that sit on top of your kidneys. They are vital and produce our key survival hormones including the stress hormone - cortisol. Help them out this holiday season and add some Camu Camu Powder to warm water with lemon or to your favorite green smoothie.

Digestive Enzymes

What do most of us LOVE to do during the holidays? Eat! All the things! Even if you’re a health nut like we are, there’s a good chance that at some point during this festive season you’ll need a little extra digestive support. Our immune system resides primarily in our gut, this is another way to keep your health shield up. Not to mention helping you digest heavy comfort foods to prevent heartburn and other digestive upsets. Digestive issues come with their own set of stress. We recommend taking the Digestive Enzymes year-round. But if there’s a time to add them into your regimen, it’s during the holidays. Take them before or with every meal to keep that gut functioning at its best!


Another magical adaptogenic herb that we just adore to help with so many things and stress is absolutely one of them. Maca can not only help your body to adapt to physical stress but also emotional stress, which can run extra high around holiday time. Maca has the ability to provide sustained natural energy while also offering immune support, among many other benefits. It’s full of calcium, magnesium (excellent for stress relief), phosphorus, selenium, zinc, copper, silicon, iron and so much more. It’s a superfood, and you can add it to a variety of recipes. We’ve got some maca-licious recipes that are perfect for the holidays including our Caramel Maca White Chocolates and Herbed Macadamia Nut “Cheese”.

Colloidal Silver

This is one of the easiest supplements to add to your world to up the ante on immune defense. When we’re stressed out our immune system takes a hit... and no one wants the added stress of being sick. Our Super Nano Silver takes colloidal silver to the next level of awesome because it is up to 5-10 times more concentrated than other brands and only requires a few drops to provide your body with what it needs to keep you healthy during cold and flu season. It’s tasteless and holds its own so it can literally be added to any liquid...water, tea, juice, soup, you name it, without losing its effectiveness. Keep this one handy for a quick dose/drop of all-day-every-day defense.

Matcha & Mushrooms

Are you needing extra energy this time of year? Matcha & Mushrooms is a ready-to-drink blend that’s a great substitute for coffee. It’s unsweetened, so you can customize its vibrant and smooth taste just the way you like it. It's for anyone who’d like to give their energy levels a lift. Matcha paired with the balancing maitake mushrooms can help tame the cravings, while maca – a powerful adaptogen, can help provide an even energy release to get you through sleepy mornings and afternoon slumps. Treat yourself to a delicious cup of Matcha & Mushrooms before that big holiday shopping trip to keep your mind alert and stress levels in check.


This stuff is pure magic when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy on a cellular level. MSM is a vital mineral that our bodies need to maintain proper structure and function. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help keep your joints healthy and pain-free during the cold winter months, which often bring stiffness and discomfort. Ever notice that your hair and nails also feel weak and brittle due to the cold weather? MSM can help to combat this, too, as it helps to build collagen. When we look and feel our best, we function at our best, which equates to one less thing to stress about. It’ll also keep you glowing for that holiday party!

Cacao & Mushrooms Matcha & Mushrooms
Raw Organic Camu Camu Powder Super Nano Silver Digestive Enzymes
Raw Organic Maca Powder Pure Opti-MSM Flakes Organic Matcha Powder

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