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Botija Olives

Your Favorite Kitchen Staple & More!Sure, you’ve had olives and olive oil before, but with countless varieties to choose from, why are our Botija Olive products the best? Besides being raw, organic, non-GMO and kosher, of course!
It all starts on the farm. Did you know that most olives are picked long before they are ripe and treated with chemicals such as lye? Our Peruvian Botija Olives are harvested only when they have ripened to perfection, with no chemicals added. 
The Flavor Breakdown
Our Peruvian Olives are the most natural olive on the planet with absolutely no salt added and pits still inside.
If you like a little natural salt with your olives, our pitted Black Botija Olives are our #1 seller, cured using the traditional and natural method of sea salt brining.
Jazz it up a little more with our pitted Herbed variety which adds fresh oregano, tarragon, and bay leaf to the sea salt brine for a real flavor explosion.
If you like it hot (but not too hot), our Spiced olives takes the Herbed variety to the next level, adding a dash of hot pepper.
All herbs and spices are grown right on the small, organic, family olive farm in Peru which has never been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
And don’t forget about the oil!
The olives from which our Extra Virgin Botija Olive Oil are of course our wildly popular Peruvian olives that have simply been cold pressed.

Many low quality oils say they’re cold pressed; however temperatures often reach over 200 degrees, degrading the delicate nutritional qualities of the product.

These low-grade oils can even contain cheap fillers such as corn and sunflower oils. The process for our Extra Virgin Botija Olive Oil never exceeds 70 degree Fahrenheit and contains 100% pure olive oil. Last but not least, it’s packed in dark green glass to protect from UV rays.

You can taste the quality in our delicate and delicious Botija Olives and Olive Oil!

What’s the Buzz About Our Botija Olive products?
Extra Virgin Botija Olive Oil
“I bought five bottles of this without actually trying it, but I’m sad I did not buy more when it was on special. IT’S INCREDIBLE, and so are the olives themselves for that matter. I go through about a bottle this size of olive oil a week and have tried many, and this is currently my favorite.”
– Adria  

“I generally don’t use olive oil because it is usually too strong and burns my throat – but this is amazing. It is so smooth and rich. It must be the freshness of it. I’m on my 3rd bottle.” – Cat  

Black Botija Olives
They are the absolute best olives I have ever had! I have a couple a day and feel satisfied as if I’ve nourished my body in an amazing way. Highly recommend!” – Elizabeth
“These olives are amazing! I snack on them everyday. Even my vegan dog loves them, which means I have to keep an extra supply on hand at all times!” – Laura

Herbed Botija Olives:
“This is the olive I order all the time. I limit myself to only 7 at a time, or I would eat the whole bag all at once. I put them on my salad, in my raw spaghetti sauce, or eat them out of the bag whenever I get a craving, like now. Ok that’s it, I only have 7 left, Hurry up and get here!”
– Lynne

Spiced Botija Olives
“Soft, plump, and flavorful. I love how they have just a little kick. The problem is I can’t stop eating them!”
– E

Peruvian Olives
The reason for purchasing was to try unsalted olives. I was able to gain the benefits of a whole olives w/o the salt. I enjoyed the full flavor which is a bit more bitter than brined olives and enjoyed eating several rather than only one. So happy to have found them!” – Robanjo  

Hands down THE BEST OLIVES I have ever had in my life!! Delicious! Meaty! Flavor is AMAZING!! THANK YOU Sunfood!!” – Shanel

Did we mention the health benefits that olives gives you?
One study showed that daily consumption of olive oil “improves antioxidant status in healthy elderly people.”1 It has been found that antioxidants are ”essential for an efficient function of the immune system.”2 

A powerful compound found in olive oil known as oleocanthal was shown to be comparable to ibuprofen in terms of anti-inflammatory capacity.3 Researchers concluded that oleocanthal acts “as a natural anti-inflammatory compound that has a potency and profile strikingly similar to that of ibuprofen.”3
Heart Health!
Olive oil has been found to “decrease LDL [bad] cholesterol and increase HDL [good] cholesterol” as well as have “anti-hypertensive [reducing high blood pressure] actions.”4 Researchers concluded in support of “the need to preserve certain dietary traditions, such as olive oil consumption, to counteract the burden of cardiovascular disease.”4
Olives are a delicious source of healthy and alkaline plant-based fats which are essential to your diet. Fat is vital to “store energy, insulate us and protect our vital organs” as well as “stockpile certain nutrients” such as fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. 5  Not only do olives give you those healthy fats, they are cholesterol-free and have vitamins A and E, as well as calcium and iron, which is a “key element in the metabolism of almost all living organisms.”6  

Experience the superior quality of our Botija Olives and Olive Oil!
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Sunfood’s “Natural Solutions” does not promote or suggest natural cures, natural healing or natural remedies for any disease, disorder or ailment thereof. This information should be treated as educational material gathered and discovered from various studies, clinical trials and customer reviews. It is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, and independent conclusions in regards to natural products and alternative health choices. It is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner before attempting any form of natural cure, natural healing or natural remedy to any health issues.

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