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3 Simple Steps to Naturally Detox

3 Simple Steps to Naturally Detox

Aug 19th 2013

Effective & Gentle Ways to Cleanse Your Body

While plenty of programs and products are out there to help your body detox, they’re often intensive, expensive, or both. What if we told that that there are simple, natural and affordable ways to detox? Here’s how…


1. Get Your Greens!

Greens help alkalize your body and strengthen your immune system. And certain greens can do a whole lot more than the average head of lettuce. Take chlorella for example. This single-cell freshwater algae has been found to have anti-cancer properties.1 It can also help alleviate heavy metal toxicity: One study in particular proved that chlorella helps the body rid itself of cadmium2 while another found that it may induce the excretion of mercury.3

Our broken cell wall chlorella is raw and certified non-GMO. With independent testing to ensure that it is free of contamination, it’s also the most powerful strain of chlorella, Chlorella pyreneidosa, boasting an abundance of nutrients such as chlorophyll, vitamin A, iron, and zinc.

Fresh water algae is just one portion of the green superfood equation. What about land grasses like wheat grass whose anti-oxidative power was found to be an effective treatment for ulcerative colitis?4 Or how about sea vegetables like kelp which was found to protect the liver from carcinogen exposure?5

The ultimate green superfood is our Sun Is Shining, which contains all of the above superfoods and more. Raw and non-GMO with organic and wild-crafted ingredients, this green superfood  formula is loaded with land grasses, sea vegetables, fresh water algae, enzymes and probiotics—everything you need to alkalize and cleanse your body.


2. Got Heavy Metals?

In this day and age, the answer is most likely yes. In addition to chlorella’s noted potential to detox heavy metals, zeolites can help too. A group of volcanic minerals formed eons ago, zeolites have a unique molecular structure resembling a cage that creates the potential to trap toxins and flush them from the body.
Liquid zeolites have been scientifically proven to help the body rid itself of aluminum, antimony, arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel and tin through urinary excretion without negatively impacting electrolyte profiles.6 Pretty amazing for volcanic minerals!
Super-Z-Lite Liquid Zeolites is the purest and most effective form of zeolites. This is because it’s made of the smallest possible particle size of activated zeolities, combined with ionic trace minerals and humic and fulvic acids to create a highly bioavailable and potent formula for detoxification and restoration.


3. Love Your Liver!

Your liver is the powerhouse in charge of detoxifying your body. Taking care of it is essential to good health! For thousands of years, milk thistle has traditionally been used to support liver health. Science is catching up with research to confirm milk thistle’s power to protect and decongest the liver.7  Milk thistle is the main ingredient of our Liver Rescue 4+ by Healthforce Nutritionals. This potent, raw formula is specifically designed to support the liver with herbs like dandelion root extract which has been found to be effective in the treatment of liver disease due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative capacities.8
Liver Rescue 4+ is a simple and effective way for you to love your liver!

Don’t Wait for Disease to Hit

These natural and effective methods of detoxification can help cleanse your body before you feel sick. Why wait for that to happen? Take care of yourself with gentle cleansing superfoods to help you feel  healthy and energized!

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*Sunfood does not condone testing on animals.

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