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4 Superfood Snacks That May Have Flown Under Your Radar

4 Superfood Snacks That May Have Flown Under Your Radar

Jan 15th 2014

Hey Sunfoodies!

Whoever says that healthy snacks don't taste good has clearly never tried these yummy treats! Check out our favorite superfood snacks that you may not have experienced yet… super scrumptious and healthy, too!


Rose Maqui Cacao Truffle Bar

Imagine a luscious gourmet chocolate bar infused with a superfood layer of antioxidant-rich maqui berry and the delicate aroma of rose. Our Rose Maqui Cacao Truffle Bar by Righteously Raw is a decadent delight that’s raw, organic, non-GMO, and kosher, so you can enjoy a delicious dessert and get a superfood boost at the same time!

“Normally I’m not into floral chocolate bars, but this is the one exception that absolutely blew me away! The maqui berry and the rose really compliment each other and go so nicely with the cacao. A real exotic treat!” – Ilyse

Check out the touching story of how it all began from Audrey Darrow, President of Earth Source Organics, maker of Righteously Raw chocolate products:

“Earth Source Organics started as a need to find affordable raw, organic foods as I was just recovering from a very aggressive breast cancer and money was tight. I saw that raw chocolate was selling for $14 a bar and I assumed that many others could not afford the luxury either. After going through treatment, I had severe allergies and quickly learned that this was a huge problem for children and adults. I felt I needed to produce foods that others could enjoy without all the worry. We continue to grow and are so very grateful for our wonderful customers and the amazing companies that allow us to sell our products to them!”

Check out our other gourmet truffle bar flavors by Righteously Raw – Goji Cacao Truffle Bar, Caramel Cacao Truffle Bar, Maca Cacao Truffle Bar, and Acai Cacao Truffle Bar. Yum!

Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal

This is not just a cereal; it's a raw superfood powerhouse! Made with sprouted, gluten-free, organic grains like buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa, Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal by Living Intentions is amped up with chia and flax seeds for a boost of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Did you know that omega-3s are crucial for brain health and that symptoms of deficiency include fatigue, poor memory, mood swings, and depression?1 This is a super tasty way to get your brain food in the morning!
Light and crunchy with a hint of coconut and a dash of sweet currants, Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal is loaded with complete proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber. It’s just pure food ingredients with a spicy twist of ginger to make this the best cereal ever!
“Delicious! Love this cereal, buying my 2nd batch now :) ” - Jeanette

Check out our other super tasty superfood cereal flavors by Living Intentions: Acai Blueberry, Cacao Crunch, and Hemp & Greens.



Spicy Chipotle Pistachios & Pumpkin Seeds

Beyond superfood cereals, Living Intentions strikes again with Gone Nuts - raw, gluten-free nuts with explosive taste and satisfying crunch. They’ve got all the flavor and crunch of roasted nuts, but better because they’re raw, preserving the nutrients that high heat processing typically destroys.
Spicy Chipotle Pistachios & Pumpkin Seeds starts with raw nuts which are sprouted for optimal digestion, then gently air-dried to protect vital enzymes and nutrients. One serving contains 15% RDA vitamin A, 11% iron and 4% calcium. A organic chipotle spice blend is added to the mix including chilies, garlic, onion, Himalayan salt and a splash of unfiltered olive oil for a hot and spicy kick to tantalize your taste buds!
“Anyone who likes chipotle will love these! They are hot and sassy!” – Lila
Check out these other Gone Nuts flavors to wow your taste buds: Mesquite Maple Walnuts, Cilantro Lime Mojo Pistachios & Pepitas, Rosemary Garlic Pistachios & Almonds




Salad Booster Vegan Cheesy

Bring the ultimate zesty boost to any meal with Salad Booster Vegan Cheesy, made with a mouthwatering combo of sprouted seeds, flavorful herbs & spices, cheesy nutritional yeast, and superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, dulse, and kelp. That means that in each serving, you’re getting 10% iron, plus protein and vitamins A and C – not your average spice blend!
“I like to add to this to every single salad I eat. I even keep it in my car so I can jazz up any normal boring salad on the go. I also use it in my recipes for kale chips and cashew “cheese” to add a nice herbal flavor to the mix. It’s like nutritional yeast, supercharged!” – Eric
Did we mention that all Living Intentions products are made with raw, organic, gluten free, ingredients which are sprouted for optimal digestion and nutritional vitality? Perhaps the best part is the taste – deeee-licious with cheesy herbs and spices! Sprinkle Salad Booster Vegan Cheesy on salads, soups, veggies, noodles, or any dish for an extra zing!
Satisfy your sweet or savory cravings with these superfoods treats!

1 - “Omega-3 Fatty Acids” University of Maryland Medical Center, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide. 

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