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5 Simple Ways to Switch Up Your Morning Smoothie

Whoah… Looks Like You Need A Boost.
Bored of the same old smoothie combination? Losing interest in your daily immune boost? How about energy… do you still feel your mind ignite like you used to?
Drinking the same shake day in and day out can muddle your mood and turn your righteous path to health into a bland, boring experience. Too much chocolate? Too many greens? Not enough zing?
Don’t worry, we get it.
With over 150 products to choose from, adding new ingredients to your daily smoothie is a thrill… but too often it isn’t the easiest decision. Which do you choose? Fruity, chocolaty, smoky, greenish, purplish…where do you start!?
We’ve selected our Top 5 favorite smoothie boosts, each offering something a little bit different for your mind, body and soul: Energy, Vitality, Detoxification, Mindfulness and Restoration are the most sought after boosts, and Sunfood has a unique product to enrich each of them. Find your perfect fit!


Energy Boost

Want energy? Maca Extreme is the answer. If you haven’t tried this super energizing boost, you’re missing out! It’s exactly how it sounds… extreme. Just a teeny-tiny bit goes a LONG way.
All the same yummy benefits of our famous Maca Powder – with 4x the concentration. How is this possible? The roots are ultra pulverized through a little itty-bitty sieve which creates a highly concentrated product. Your body absorbs it and uses the nutrients instantly!
Sunfood Maca Extreme


Vitality Boost

Mangosteen Powder. Queen of the Fruits. What’s so special about this bitter mystery powder? Xanthones. Unfamiliar with those? Yeah… we were too at first.
Basically, Xanthones are super potent, powerful plant compounds with antioxidant benefits. Why do we call it a “vitality” boost? Well, according to an in-depth study, the Xanthones in Mangosteen have been found to be “antiallergic , anti-inflammatory, antituberculotic, antitumor, antiplatelet, Betaadrenergicblocking and … anticonvulsant.”1
Sunfood Mangosteen Powder


Detox Boost

Remember the Chernobyl Nuclear Powder Plant disaster in 1986? Countless victims were diagnosed with radiation sickness, experiencing “long lasting remissions” from the radiation damage. The secret weapon used to target this condition was the microalgae known as Spirulina.
Spirulina, a freshwater vegetable found in South America contains an abundance of chlorophyll which gives the Spirulina a rich, emerald green color. Beyond pigment, chlorophyll acts as an effective detoxifier by connecting with the toxins found in the body (free radicals) and converting them into neutral, usable materials.
Sunfood Spirulina Crunchies


Mindful Boost

Mindfulness is a mental state… a state of consciousness where we become aware of the present moment and acknowledge the thoughts, sensations, emotions or feelings that are associated with it. Used as a therapeutic technique in many holistic practices, mindfulness is a great way to achieve mental clarity and totally encompass our well-being.
Shilajit is a phenomenal superfood, used in ancient medicine to help achieve an elevated, clear and conscious state of mind. Don’t believe us? One study found Shilajit to be capable of “improving cognitive disorders and [acting] as a stimulant of cognitive activity in humans.3
Sunfood Shilajit Powder


Restorative Boost
Restoration is something we often take for granted. In the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities, we frequently believe that a “little extra protein” or a capsuled supplement is enough to restore our muscles, bones, nerves and cells. It never crosses our mind that something as natural and simple as sulfur can do this for us.
OptiMSM is extracted from natural sources and is a completely pure product that assists with restoring and maintaining our protein and connective tissues, assists enzymes in performing chemical reactions, and protects us from oxidative stress and harmful effects of toxicity.
Sunfood MSM

Get your boost on! Try one, or try all!
Share your experiences and liven up your morning smoothie again!

1 – “Pharmacological properties of some aminoalkanolic derivatives of xanthone”; Marona H, Pekala E, Filipek B, Maciag D, Szneler E. Pharmaxie. 2001;56:567-572
2 – 4 – “Spirulina- natural sorbent of radionucleides.” Research Institute of Radiation Medicine, Czech Republic. Belarus, Sep 1993.
3 – “Shilajit: A Natural Phytocomplex with Potential Procognitive Activity,” International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Feb. 23, 2012.

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