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Benefits of Rice & Pea Protein

What is Rice & Pea Protein?
This is a 50/50 blend of two highly concentrated vegan protein sources. Combining rice protein and pea protein results in higher essential amino acid content than either has on their own, and a wider variety of branched-chain amino acids.

Per serving:
23g Protein  |  12g EAA  |  5g BCAA

How is it different?
This blend was designed with a focus on providing a substantial amount of amino acids that are vital for muscle health. Essential amino acids help repair muscle & connective tissues and support healthy muscle growth. Branched-chain amino acids have been shown to reduce the muscle damage associated with endurance exercise.

The high EAA and BCAA content may help with recovery after a workout and improve athletic performance. The blend also results in slightly lower calorie and lower sodium content than pure Pea Protein.

Rice & Pea Protein is ideal for superior amino acid content, building, repairing, and reducing damage to muscle tissues during exercise. 

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