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Benefits of Supergreens & Protein

What is Supergreens & Protein?
Supergreens & Protein is a harmonious blend of Vanilla Rice Protein Powder (made from sprouted whole grain brown rice) and Sun is Shining™ Green Superfood. This special mix was created to combine all your daily nutrition into one easy smoothie, and allow for superior absorption of nutrients and amino acids.

Per serving:
21g Protein  |  8g EAA  |  4g BCAA

How is it different?
The addition of Sun is Shining™ brings 19 green superfoods to this protein including spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, kale, spinach, kelp, alfalfa and more. This results in a much higher amount of vital nutrients which promote a strong immune system. Each serving contains 150% daily vitamin B12, 70% iron, 60% vitamin A, and 15% calcium.

Including Sun is Shining™ also adds a specialized enzyme complex and probiotic complex which help your body more efficiently absorb nutrients and protein. This can decrease recovery time, as your muscles receive the nutrients they need more efficiently. Enzymes and probiotics also improve digestion, keeping your gut healthy which is crucial for promoting normal immune function.

Supergreens & Protein is ideal for building lean muscle, recovering from athletic performance, promoting a healthy gut, boosting immune function and improving digestion.

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