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Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Life (& Your Lunch)

Jul 13th 2013

It's Summer!

How to Celebrate Summer & Improve Your Health

It’s summertime! What better way to enjoy it than to get outdoors to soak up some sunshine and nourishing vitamin D? Studies have shown that sensible sun exposure is the BEST way to get your vitamin D, rather than supplementation. Since vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a range of health conditions from cancer to depression, we think that's the perfect excuse to go outside and have some fun!

(Source: “Vitamin D supplementation: what's known, what to do, and what's needed.” University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, 2012.)

What's on top of your list of summer activities? Going to the beach? Family trip to the lake? Maybe hiking or camping? How about a summer picnic? No matter what you've got planned, we’ve got just what you need to jazz up your food spread and spice up your summer: Healthy, delicious, zesty, creative seasonings and spices!

These dish toppers and snack poppers have high nutrient contents, each one offering more than just great flavor. Boost your overall health while giving your taste buds a blast!


Sprinkles & Drizzles: Tasty & Good for You

What seasoning gives you 160% of your daily iodine without overloading on sodium? Answer: Triple Blend Flakes (dulse, nori and kelp). How about a spice blend that's high in iron? Answer: Vegan Cheesy Salad Booster. Sprinkle these onto your summertime salad, or any dish in need of an extra zing!

One of our most popular items is Lydia’s Seasoning, a raw, organic, vegan seasoning that's a delicious, nutritious addition to any dish, dip, soup, salad and more. Made of dehydrated vegetables, quinoa, nuts, seeds, kale, garlic, ginger and tons more, it is an amazing all-round natural seasoning that kids and adults both love!

For a splash of flavor in liquid form, Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce is delicious as a dipping sauce or a base ingredient in your summer dressings and spreads. It’s the best soy sauce out there because it’s organic, kosher, and unpasteurized (raw and alive!), with no added alcohol or preservatives.


Seasonings or Snacks — Your Choice!

One of our favorite ways to jazz up any savory summertime dish is to crush Kale Krunchies and sprinkle them on top as a light, crunchy garnish. Our FUNonions by The Squeeze are like the raw, organic (healthy!) version of onion rings. Sprinkle these treats on your salad or raw veggie burger, yum! You can enjoy these flavorful goodies straight out of the bag, but using them as a seasoning makes them last longer!


Customer review  (Mega Green Kale Krunchies)

"So delicious!" Review by Linda
"I took one bite of Kale Krunchies Mega Green and thought I was in heaven. There is nothing I've tried before that can even compare in flavor and if I could, I would eat a bag of these each day. Bet they would be great sprinkled on a salad, but they never last long enough for me to try it! A delightful snack food and so nutritious!"

This summer take some time to soak up some rays, get your vitamin D, and enjoy healthy, flavorful meals with your loved ones!

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