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Did You Know MOST "Extra-Virgin" Oils Are Lying about Their Virginity!?

Did You Know MOST "Extra-Virgin" Oils Are Lying about Their Virginity!?

Oct 22nd 2014

Healthy Oils

Did you know that 73% of the olive oil on your store’s shelves are lying about their virginity?


A 2011 study conducted by UC Davis found that “Of the five top-selling imported ‘Extra Virgin’ olive oil brands in the United States, 73% of the samples failed the standards to meet ‘Extra Virgin’ quality due to adulteration with cheaper refined oils and poor quality oil made from damaged and overripe olives.1

Sunfood Botija Olive OilWhat does that even mean?

There are four levels of “virgin” oil. The lowest is not safe for human consumption – instead it is used to make soaps or used as a cosmetics base. When an oil is extra virgin, it means that it has reached top-shelf status. It complies with the highest standards of acidity, taste and processing.

How do you know which is which?

We can help you out with that. With an unrivaled flavor and aroma, our Extra Virgin Botija Olive Oil is created by cold-pressing raw botija olives, ripened by the sun without any risk of genetic modification or unnecessary processing. These Peruvian olives are grown on a small organic family farm which has never been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The unique cold-pressed technique preserves nutrients and enzymes. Many low quality oils say they’re cold-pressed; however, temperatures often reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, degrading the delicate nutrient qualities of the oil. These low-grade oils can even contain cheap fillers and GMO oil additives.

What makes our olive oil soooo special?

Our “cold” process is exactly how it sounds – cold. Pressing never exceeds 70F and never ever comes into contact with low-grade oils, additives or rancid olives, leaving you with deliciously pure Botija Olive Oil.

Packed with heart healthy fats, beautifying oleic acid, and immune-building antioxidants, this incredible oil also contains vital nutrients such as iron and vitamin E.


Here’s what our customers are saying…

“I bought five bottles of this without actually trying it, but I’m sad I did not buy more when it was on special. IT’S INCREDIBLE, and so are the olives themselves for that matter. I go through about a bottle this size of olive oil a week and have tried many, and this is currently my favorite.” – Adria 

 “I generally don’t use olive oil because it is usually too strong and burns my throat – but this is amazing. It is so smooth and rich. It must be the freshness of it. I’m on my 3rd bottle.” – Cat


We have another option for you!
Say hello to our raw, organic, non-GMO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Sunfood Coconut OilCoconut Oil is excellent for internal and external use – you can eat it straight, cook with it, or use it on your skin and hair! There are many ways you add it to your diet; you can replace your current cooking oil with coconut oil for a super-healthy boost, add it to smoothies, or use as a replacement for butter in your dessert recipes.

Our raw, non-GMO, extra-virgin Coconut Oil is made from certified organic coconuts. The cold-press process leaves all of the important nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in tact and ready to use by the body. There are no added ingredients, so the freshness of this coconut oil gives it the perfect balance of delicious flavor without any excessive aromas or taste overtones.

There are three important things to know about Coconut Oil – like olive oil, not all of them are created equally… or honestly.

The Good

Extra Virgin coconut oil is crafted from the delicious fruits of fresh, mature coconuts. The enzymatic qualities are preserved thanks to cold-pressing and low temperature processing of the fruit. There are never chemicals, additives or other funky ingredients added to the oil and it never sees temperatures exceeding 86F.

The Bad

Refined coconut oil is made from dried coconut fruit (at this point, we call it coconut meat) which has undergone heavy processing, filtering and deodorizing – sometimes even bleaching.

The Ugly

Partially hydrogenated coconut oil is when refined coconut oil is processed even further. What can you do with that? Wax your car, maybe?



Sill not a believer?

Check out these 30 unique ways to use Sunfood’s Raw, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil… without actually eating it!!





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1 -- Evaluation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, UC Davis Olive Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute, Frankel, E. N.; Mailer, R. J.; Wang, S. C.; Shoemaker, C. F.; Guinard, J.-X.; Flynn, J. D.; Sturzenberger, N. D. (2011)